Sunday 30 September 2007 - RAF VC10 C1K XV102 operates a medevac flight

The RAF operated a medivac flight using VC 10 C1K XV102
which wears additional "2007 - Celebrating a
thousand years of Oxfordshire" titles on the tail
Transavia operated the return charter flight from Nice using
Boeing 737-8K2 PH-HZW which wears "Jumbo supermarken"
titles and scheme

Saturday 29 September 2007 - United International Antonov 12 YU-UIA to the rescue!

Antonov 12 YU-UIA of UIA - United International Airlines - was a
surprise late afternoon visitor to BHX arriving from Toulouse with
urgent parts for a grounded Monarch Airbus A321
YU-UIA arrives on runway 33
. Leaving empty for Ostend YU-UIA climbs quickly off Runway 33....
.... but not without leaving its mark on the skyline!

Saturday 29 September 2007 - Lagunair Embraer

Lagunair - the Spanish regional airline - operated the return sector
of the Jetairfly Fokker 100 charter flight that went out of BHX on
Thursday morning from Logrono using Embraer 145 EC-JYB
. Air Southwest operated a "Fear of Flying" air experience flight using Dash 8

G-WOWC which positioned in from Bristol

Air Transat used Airbus A310 C-GTSH on their service to Toronto

Friday 28 September 2007 - Eastern Saab 2000 G-CDKA flying in "Aberdeen" colours

Eastern Airways operated a charter flight to Pau, in France,
using Saab 2000 G-CDKA which wears the
"Aberdeen City and County" colour scheme
Sky Taxi, the Polish airline, operated a charter to Galway
using Saab 340 SP-MRB
SAS used Airbus A321 OY-KBH on the morning Copenhagen service

Thursday 26 September 2007 - Jetairfly Fokker 100 OO-TUF operates a charter to Logrobo

Jetairfly - the Belgium TUI airline - operated a charter flight
to Logrono in Spain using Fokker 100 OO-TUF
Transavia operated a charter flight to Nice using Boeing 737-800
PH-HZE which wears the "Jumbo supermarkten" special scheme
. After a 24 hour stay Airbus A340-200 HZ-124 departed in the late afternoon

Wednesday 26 September 2007 - Airbus A340 HZ-124 is an evening arrival

Airbus A340-213 HZ-124 of the Saudi Ministry of Aviation and
Defence made its third visit to BHX arriving in the evening sunshine
Adria used a Canadair CRJ 200 on their final service
from Ljubljana for the summer 2007 season
- S5-AAD is painted in "triglav" colours

Tuesday 25 September 2007 - Jet2 Boeing 737 G-CELS operates charter to Salzburg

Boeing 737-300 G-CELS operated the second in a series
of Jet2 charter flights to Salzburg
Flightline operated the first of two charters to Paderborn
using BAe 146-200 G-OZRH which wears "Miele" titles
- the company chartering the aircraft

Unusually Emirates used an Airbus A330-200 - A6-EKQ - on

their lunchtime

Dubai service in place of the usual Boeing 777-300ER

The early evening Brussels flight was operated by Boeing 737-300 OO-VEN

Monday 24 September 2007 - Jet2 Boeing 737 G-CELP operates charter flight to Salzburg

Jet2 operated a charter flight to Salzburg using Stansted
based Boeing 737-300QC G-CELP which still wears the
basic colour scheme of Channel Express
Boeing 737-800 TC-MAO operated the lunchtime KTHY
service to Ercan, Northern Cyprus, via Dalaman

Sunday 23 September 2007 - Mistral Air Boeing 737 EI-DUS operates charter from Genoa

Mistral Air Boeing 737-3M8QC EI-DUS operated a (passenger)
charter flight from Genoa with the aircraft then positioning
out to Lourdes. It wears additional "Poste Italiane" titles and is
normally used by the Italian Post Office for overnight mail flights

Saturday 22 September 2007 - Legacy G-MGYB visits the western apron

Embraer Legacy G-MGYB was a visitor to the western apron
during the morning
Austrian Arrows Fokker 100 OE-LVN operated the final inbound
rotation of the season for the tour operator that has been using
the BA Cityflyer AR1's on weekly IT flights to Innsbruck

Thursday 20 September 2007 - SAS Airbus A319 OY-KBP makes its first visit to BHX

SAS used an Airbus A319 - OY-KBP - to BHX for the first time in place
of their grounded Dash 8Q-400's on their evening service from Copenhagen
. Airbus A320 9A-CTK operated the return Croatia Airlines charter flight

from Split with the aircraft positioning out to Manchester

Grossmann Air Services Dornier 328JET OE-HTG arrives
on the western apron in the morning sun

Tuesday 18 September 2007 - LAT Charter Airbus A320 YL-LCD flying for Air Malta

LAT Chater again sent Airbus A320 YL-LCD in place of the usual
YL-LCC on the Air Malta flight from/to Malta. It now wears titles
but still retains the Air Canada fleet number "231" on the nose
wheel door and at the top of the tail
brussels airlines Boeing 737-400 OO-VES spent the day parked
up "tech" on Stand 20

Monday 17 September 2007 - "Ayline 678" emergency landing

Aurginy ATR 72 G-BWDB operating flight GR 678 from Guernsey to

Manchester made a full emergency landing at BHX just before 1815 after

reporting smoke in the cabin........
.....the aircraft vacated Runway 33 at Bravo and then stopped - with the

Airport Fire Service in attendance - on Taxiway Alpha....

.... where the passengers rapidly disembarked the aircraft onto the taxiway....
.... with everyone off the aircraft and the situation now under control the passengers

walk to the bus that has now arrived to take them to the terminal

Well done to all the emergency services for their prompt action!

Monday 17 September 2007 - Airbus A340 HZ-124 spends day parked up

Airbus A340-213 HZ-124 of the Saudi Ministry of Aviation
and Defence seen parked on Stand 86 while on its
second visit to Birmigham
SAS used MD 82 OY-KHE in "Star Alliance" colour scheme
on the evening "SK 2535" service from Copenhagen in place
of the usual Dash 8Q-400 which remain grounded

Sunday 16 September 2007 - Flightline BAe 146 G-FLTC operates Swiss service to Zurich

Flightline have added their insignia to the tail of BAe 146-300
G-FLTC which continues to operate the morning and
evening Zurich services on behalf of Swiss

Norwegian continue to operate a number of Boeing 737-300's


do not have a "famous Norwegian" on the tail

Saturday 15 September 2007 - Transavia Boeing 737 PH-HZM operates charter from Paris CDG

Transavia Boeing 737-8K2 PH-HZM which had operated
a charter from Paris CDG positioned back to Amsterdam

Tuesday 11 September 2007 - Air India Boeing 777 VT-AIR flying in their new colour scheme

Air India have now painted the first of their Boeing 777-200's
- VT-AIR - into their new colour scheme and as with all their
aircraft the Indian/English titles are reversed on each side. It
first visited BHX on the evening of Monday 10 September 2007
and returned from Toronto on Tuesday afternoon.

. SAS used a MD 82 on their evening service from Copenhagen


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