Thursday 28 February 2013 - Learjet 60 M-HOIL spends the day parked up on the Elmdon apron

Learjet 60 M-HOIL was a day stopping visitor on another busy day on the Elmdon apron....

Hawker 750 I-EPAM also spent the day parked up while....

Falcon 50EX F-HAPM made a brief early evening visit....

Robinson R-44 G-GACB made a brief morning visit Photos: Mike Hollick

Turkish Airbus A320-232 TC-JPM which is in their new colour scheme operated their service to Istanbul

Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS EI-EMD was one of five of their aircraft parked up on the 70's Stands

Wednesday 27 February 2013 - Swiss Airbus A320 HB-JLR makes its first visit to BHX

Swiss Airbus A320-214 HB-JLR operated their evening service from Zurich - the aircraft
wears their new style titles and was on its first visit to BHX Photo: Laurence Jones

Nightexpress Short 360-300 D-CCAS was an afternoon visitor operating a priority freight charter....

.... Global Express OE-IGS which had arrived back from the Caribbean on Sunday remained parked up

.... while CitationJet D-IHKW

.... Citation CJ3 F-GVVB

.... and Gama Aviation Citation CJ2 G-CGUZ all visited a busy Elmdon apron Photos: Mike Hollick

Turkish Airlines flying daily from Birmingham Airport to Istanbul and onward to many other destinations

Turkish Airlines now fly daily from Birmingham Airport to Istanbul using
a mix of Boeing 737's (above) and Airbus A320's.....

.... flights depart at 1115 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and at 1630
on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday

.... a view of the Alps en-route from Birmingham to Istanbul

.... the Boeing 737's have the latest cabins including a dedicated Business Class
section with all passengers having access to a seat back video system

.... Turkish Airlines hub at Istanbul Airport now serves over 200 airports
allowing rapid connections from BHX onto many other destinations

Monday 25 February 2013

Monday 25 February 2013 - Air France Airbus A320 F-GKXY operates their morning service to Paris CDG

Air France Airbus A320-214 F-GKXY operated their morning flight to Paris CDG....

.... with Taxiway Echo closed during the day for work in progress

.... aircraft are entering the Runway via Taxiway Charlie and back tracking

..... occasionally not all goes to plan with Airbus A318-111 F-GUGK taking a detour
via the Elmdon apron while the crew sorted a technical issue
Photo: Mike Hollick

SAS MD 81 SE-DIR operated their morning flight from Copenhagen

Turkish Boeing 737-8F2 TC-JHP operated their flight from Istanbul

Sunday 24 February 2013 - Air Berlin Boeing 737-86J D-ABME flying with "One World" titles

Air Berlin Boeing 737-86J D-ABME operated their flight to Paderborn
- the aircraft wears "One World" alliance titles

Air France Airbus A321-211 F-GTAS operated their lunchtime flight
from Paris CDG - its first visit to BHX - while....

Lufthansa Airbus A321-232 D-AIDJ operated their morning service
to Frankfurt - also on its first visit to BHX

Cega Air Ambulance Learjet 45XR G-XJET which had arrived on Saturday
evening was a lunchtime departure as it positioned out to Farnborough

Saturday 23 February 2013 - Thomas Cook Airbus A321 G-TCDA with "Egypt where it all begins" titles

Thomas Cook Airbus A321-211 G-TCDA operated an additional IT flight from Alicante
for the "Half Term" holiday before positioning out to East Midlands....

.... it wears additional "Egypt where it all begins" titles advertising that country

Titan Boeing 737-33AQC G-ZAPZ operated the return of the additional IT flight from Chambery

Austrian Airbus A320-214 OE-LBR operated their weekly IT flight to Innsbruck

Swiss Airbus A320-214 HB-IJQ operated their lunchtime flight from Zurich

Air Berlin Airbus A320-214 D-ABDR operated their flight from Hannover
- the aircraft still wears their interim new colour scheme

Friday 22 February 2013 - Eastern Embraer 145 G-CGWV arrives with Sunderland AFC

Eastern Airways Embraer 145MP G-CGWV was an afternoon arrival on the Elmdon apron bringing
Sunderland AFC down for their "Premier League" match against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday

King Air F-GEXV was a morning arrival parking up to night stop at BHX

Air France Airbus A320-211 F-GFKV operated their afternoon flight to Paris CDG

Thursday 21 February 2013 - Bin Air Metro freighters here, there and everywhere!!

Bin Air Metro III D-CNAF starts to taxi out past....

.... Bin Air Metro III D-CPSW with Arcus Air Dornier 228 D-CAAM parked behind
it on another busy day for priority freight movements on the Elmdon apron

Bin Air Metro 23 D-CNAG had earlier also positioned out

easyJet Airbus A319-111 G-EZAX operated their flight to Geneva

Runway Watch - Thursday 21 February 2013

Work has now commenced on the "removal" of the lower (closed) part of the
Long Stay Car Park which is currently higher than the level of the new Taxiway
that will be built on that area parallel to the Runway Extension... 

.... the earth is being moved to the area between Taxiway Echo and Taxiway
Charlie and will ultimately be used as part of the project to "level" the airfield
when the whole Runway is resurfaced during winter 2013/14

As a result Taxiway Echo will now be closed each weekday during daylight hours
between Echo One and Echo Two to allow the contractors to access this area....

.... when Runway 15 is in use as it was today it does not make much difference
to operations but when Runway 33 is in use departures will be via Taxiway Charlie
during these times with aircraft back tracking as required - special arrangements
will be made to allow wide bodied aircraft to use Taxiway Echo (with work suspended)

Thursday 21 February 2013

Freebird Airlines of Turkey are back at Birmingham Airport for the summer 2013 season

 Freebird Airlines, the Turkish charter airline, who last operated to Birmingham
during 2008 will be back again for summer 2013

The provisional plan is for a weekly flight on Saturday evening for the whole summer
season with an additional peak service on a Thursday evening. As with an IT flight
of this type some flights operate from/via other UK airports with the result that the
timings will differ week from week - please see below for the basic weekly schedule
All the Freebird Airlines fleet currently have a different colour tail scheme and
an illustrated fleet list can be seen below 

 - note the Airbus A321's are not currently planned to visit BHX
 Freebird Airlines schedule at Birmingham from Summer 2013


1830/1930 FHY641/642 320 from/to Dalaman
- operates from 25 July - 29 August 2013 - Freebird


1830/1930 FHY609/610 320 from/to Dalaman
- operates from 25 May to 28 September 2013 - Freebird

Some flights operate from/via other UK airports at differing times
Schedule/timings subject to change!!
Thursday 21 February 2013


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