Birmingham Airport from the Air in 2010

This series of aerial photographs of Birmingham International
Airport were taken on Saturday 17 July 2010 - they start with
the classic approach shot to Runway 33 and then circle the
airfield to the east over the Terminal site before crossing the
runway to the Elmdon site
To see a larger image just "click" on the photograph
The pilots view of the approach to Runway 33 at
Birmingham - the terminal area is to the right with
the Elmdon site to the left while the A45 Coventry
Road runs under the final approach
Well if you get this view you are a bit high to
land but this is a closer look at Runway 33!!
Turning to the east gives another view of the whole airfield
- Birmingham City centre is in the top left corner
The terminal site to the east of the Runway is adjacent
to the main Birmingham to London railway line....
.... with the terminal linked to Birmingham International
railway station by the "Air-Rail Link" monorail system
Turning further to the east the NEC - National Exhibition Centre
is just the other side of the railway line with the M42 running
along its southern boundary at the top of this picture
Swinging right round the main site comes back into view - while
the "One Terminal" project will see the airport in future operate as
a single facility at present their are two "terminals" - Terminal 2
is in the foreground with Terminal 1 behind it....
.... the International Pier was completed in 2009
.... and now offers world class facilities
... and the ability to handle the largest aircraft now in service
- the Emirates Boeing 777 is parked on Stand 54 which was used
.... by one of their Airbus A380's when the Pier was
officially opened on Wednesday 9 September 2009
Time to cross over Runway 33/15 and head
to the western side of the airfield....
As we cross Runway 15/33 looking to the south the site....
.... of the proposed Runway Extension can be seen which
will involve the A45 being diverted further to the south
On the western side of Runway 15/33 is the Elmdon
site - the home of the original airport terminal.... 
.... that was opened in 1939
The Elmdon site now serves as a business aviation and
cargo facility with Air Traffic Control still based in the
control tower on the top of the Elmdon building
Our mount for this photo shoot - Ecureuil II G-KHCG of
London Helicopter Centres - parks on the Elmdon apron
Thanks to Andrew Davies of
Birmingham International Airport
for these photographs
To see a larger image just "click" on the photograph
The photographs are copyright and may not be used without
the permission of Birmingham International Airport Limited


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