Tuesday 30 September 2008 - Eastern Saab 2000 G-CDKA operates charter flight to Hannover

Eastern Saab 2000 G-CDKA operated a charter flight
to Hannover. The airctaft is in their new colour scheme
Lufthansa Airbus A319 D-AILU operated their morning
flight to Frankfurt. The aircraft carries an image of cartoon
character "Lu" on its rear fuselage

Fox Flight Lear Jet 36A C-FEMT which arrived on an Air
Ambulance flight on Monday morning departed to Keflavik

Monday 29 September 2008 - KTHY Boeing 737 TC-MZZ operates weekly flight to Ercan

KTHY - Cyprus Turkish Airlines - Boeing 737-800 TC-MZZ
operated their service to Ercan, Northern Cyprus, via Dalaman
Czech Air Force Challenger 5105 was an early arrival
spending the morning parked on the Elmdon apron
Scot Airways operated two charters to Hannover - the
first flight was operated by Dornier 328 G-CCGS....
.... followed out by Dornier 328 G-BZOG
Fox Flight Lear Jet 36A operated an Air Ambulance
flight parking up on the Elmdon apron
Thomsonfly Boeing 767-200 G-BYAB positioned in to cover for
a "tech" Boeing 757 - it also experienced a technical problem on
push back and start and was towed to a remote stand for
attention before departing to Ibiza

Sunday 28 September 2008 - Eurocypria Boeing 737 5B-DBR operates IT flight to Larnaca

Eurocypria Boeing 737-800 5B-DBR operated their
weekly IT flight from Larnaca
RAF C 17 ZZ171 operated a medivac flight crossing Runway 33
via Taxiway Charlie to park on the Elmdon apron
SkyEurope Boeing 737-700 OM-NGA "Adriana"
operated their final service to Bratislava
Eastern Saab 2000 G-CDEA operated a charter flight
from Wick before positioning out

SkyEurope say goodbye with a smile!

SkyEurope operated their final BHX-Bratislava service
today, Sunday 28 September 2008
The last flight was operated by Boeing 737-76N OM-NGA
which wears the smiling face of Slovak model "Adriana"
This is the same aircraft that operated the inaugural flight
from Bratislava on Monday 29 October 2007
SkyEurope have served BHX since 12 April 2006 when
they started a twice weekly service from Krakow which
was replaced by the Bratislava route last year
Ryanair commenced a three weekly service to Bratislava
from BHX on 1 July 2008 when their second based aircraft
commenced operations
Sunday 28 September 2008

Saturday 27 September 2008 - Air Berlin Airbus A330 D-ALPJ visits on a trooping flight

Air Berlin Airbus A330-223 D-ALPJ operated a trooping flight....
. .... parking on the Elmdon apron

Atlantic Express ATR 42 G-DRFC positioned in from
Coventry to take Sunderland FC back to Newcastle
Recently delivered Monarch Airbus A321-231 G-OZBS
is currently BHX based
flybe Dash 8Q-400 G-ECOW is another recently delivered
aircraft - it was formerly LN-RDF with SAS
PIA Boeing 777-240LR AP-BGY operated
their service to Islamabad

Bulgaria Air to operate charter for Litex Lovech

Bulgaria Air (FB) will be operating a Boeing 737-300
charter flight to BHX next Wednesday bringing Litex Lovech
to Birmingham for their UEFA Cup match against Aston Villa
The aircraft should stay over at BHX until after the match
on Thursday evening - please see below for full details
1130/ N/S FB6961 733 from Sofia
- inbound charter - Bulgaria Air
N/S /2300 FB6962 733 to Sofia
- return charter - Bulgaria Air
Schedules subject to change!
Friday 26 September 2008

Friday 26 September 2008 - KLM Boeing 737 PH-BGD makes its first visit to BHX

KLM Boeing 737-700 PH-BGD operated the afternoon
service from Amsterdam - its first visit to BHX
Atlantic Express ATR 42 G-DRFC operated a charter
from Newcastle bringing in Sunderland FC for their
football match against Aston Villa on Saturday. The
aircraft then positioned to Coventry

Thursday 25 September 2008 - Koral Blue Airbus A319 SU-KBB operates flight to Sharm el Sheikh

Koral Blue Airbus A319-112 SU-KBB operated their
IT flight to Sharm el Sheikh
Jet2 Boeing 737-377 G-CELS positioned in from
Leeds to operate a charter to Berlin Tegal

Wednesday 24 September 2008 - Astraeus Boeing 757 G-OPJB with Air Italy Polska titles

Astraeus Boeing 757-23A G-OPJB operated a repatriation flight
from Rhodes returning stranded XL Leisure passengers. It
arrived at BHX in the gathering evening gloom, operating
under a Monarch flight number while the aircraft wears
Air Italy Polska titles from its lease to that airline
Adria Boeing 737-528 S5-AAM operated their last flight of
the summer 2008 season arriving via Manchester - it was
formerly UR-GAS of Ukraine International whose scheme
is showing through the white paint!
Svensk Flygambulans Super King Air SE-MAZ operated
a medivac flight parking on the Elmdon apron

Tuesday 23 September 2008 - Jet2 Boeing 737 G-CELA operates XL Leisure repatriation flight

Jet2 Boeing 737-300 G-CELA operated a repatriation flight
from Heraklion returning stranded XL Leisure passengers
to BHX. It replaced the weekly Viking MD 83 flight and the
aircraft continued onto Belfast International
Thomas Cook Boeing 757 G-TCBA on final approach to
Runway 33 on return from Paphos
flybe Embraer 195 G-FBED operated their evening flight to
Dusselfdorf a service recently upgraded from an Embraer 145

Monday 22 September 2008 - Monarch Boeing 757 G-MONJ flying for "Hedkandi"

Monarch Boeing 757-2T7 G-MONJ - which wears the "Hedkandi"
special scheme - operated their weekly IT flight from Bourgas

Sunday 21 September 2008 - Jet2 Boeing 737 G-CELR operates IT flight from Naples

Jet2 Boeing 737-300QC G-CELR operated an IT flight to Rome
for Thomas Cook Holidays replacing the Naples flight formerly
operated by Air Bee. The aircraft retains the basic colour
scheme of flyglobespan from its lease to that operator
Recently delivered Air Berlin Boeing 737-800 D-ABKB made
its first visit to BHX operating their weekly service from
Paderborn. The aircraft is in their new colour scheme
AMC Airlines Boeing 737-800 SU-BPH operated their
weekly IT flight - and made it signature "long" take off
run on departure back to Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt

KLM Boeing 737-700 PH-BGE made its second visit to BHX
operating their afternoon service from Amsterdam
Falcon 900B N900MG was an early evening arrival
parking on the Elmdon apron

Saturday 20 September 2008 - WDL BAe 146 D-AWUE flying for KLM

WDL BAe 146-200 D-AWUE operated the early morning
KLM service from Amsterdam
Air Malta Airbus A320-214 9H-AEN operated the inbound
IT flight from Palma - its final service returning XL Leisure
passengers to BHX
Citation CJ3 G-ODCM was a lunchtime arrival and
spent the afternoon parked on the Elmdon apron
Austrian Arrows Canadair CRJ200LR OE-LCG operated their
final IT flight of the season before positioning back to Innsbruck
RAF Tristar C2A ZE706 operated a medevac flight before
departing off Runway 15 to Brize Norton

Balkan Holidays Airbus A320-211 LZ-BHB operated
their IT flight from Bourgas and Varna

Friday 19 September 2008 - Spanair MD 83 EC-GOM flying in "Star Alliance" colours

Spanair MD 83 EC-GOM operated their weekly IT flight
to Ibiza - the aircraft is in "Star Alliance" colours
Lufthansa Airbus A320 D-AIQF operated the morning
service from Frankfurt
Thomas Cook Boeing 757 G-FCLA wears additional "Vote for
a Free Day" titles in support of an additional Bank Holiday


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