WARNING - Birmingham Airport Parking/NCP are ticketing vehicles on the Elmdon site

Birmingham Airport Parking/NCP are currently ticketing - £100 fine - any vehicles
in the Elmdon Multi Storey Car Park that are not displaying a valid ticket

This area is popular with both aviation enthusiasts and families just visiting the
airport "to watch the planes" and the twice daily visit of the Airbus A380

Beware that there is little signage - other than at the entrance/exit - to warn
visitors that you will be fined £100 if you do not display a valid ticket

Also be advised -

+ Half the payment machines in the car park are currently out of service
+ The payment machines that do work do not accept Credit Cards or Notes
+ The payment machines do not give change

If you this visit this car park come prepared as Birmingham Airport Parking
/NCP Staff have made it clear that no grace period is allow - and they are
not there to provide change or help with payments

Also be aware that that vehicles parked on the forecourt in the front the
Elmdon Multi Storey Car Park or Forward House will also be ticketed

Monday 30 July 2018


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