Historic BHX - Saturday 25 July 2009 - Hellenic Imperial Airways inaugural Boeing 747 scheduled service to Athens and onto Jeddah

Hellenic Imperial Airways Boeing 747-200 SX-TIE positioned in to
operate their inaugural scheduled service to Athens and onto Jeddah
making a "precision" approach landing exactly on the piano keys....
. .... before parking on Stand 85C
. . Vince Essex (left) and Tony Farmer (far right) the BHX/UK agents
where on hand to welcome Captain Angelis and the Hellenic Imperial
Airways crew to Birmingham!
The First Officer prepares for the departure back to Athens....
.... the upper deck of the Boeing 747 has 8 Business Class seats....
. .... while there are 450 economy seats to the main deck!!
Time for the inaugural flight to depart - "Welcome on board!!"
"Imperial 270 you are clear to push and start" - SX-TIE pushes
back off stand 85C for the flight back to Athens and onto Jeddah
More photos of the inaugual hellenic flight can be seen at -
Thanks to the Operations Duty Manager for getting us in the perfect
spot for the landing and to the team at BHX for organising the visit


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