The Emirates Airbus A380 is coming to Birmingham from Sunday 27 March 2016 - when and where to see it

Emirates will be launching a daily Airbus A380 "super jumbo" flight from Dubai
to Birmingham Airport on Easter Sunday 27 March 2016....

.... the Airbus A380 will replace the Boeing 777-300ER on their lunch time
service and will arrive daily at 1220 - departing back to Dubai at 1420
During its daily visit to Birmingham the Emirates Airbus A380 will park at the
end of the International Pier on "Stand 54C"....

.... where an additional "double decker" air bridge has been installed to allow
passengers direct access to the upper deck of the Airbus A380

Where to see the Emirates Airbus A380

When Runway 15 is in use - aircraft landing from the north/taking off to the south

Sheldon Country Park surrounds the north end of the airfield and allows excellent views
of aircraft landing, taking off and on the runway with plenty of free car parking

The roof of the Multi Storey Car Park on the Elmdon/Sheldon side of the airport gives
panoramic views over the whole airfield and runway - it costs £3.50 for two hours

When Runway 33 is in use - aircraft landing from the south/taking off to the north

There is a network of public footpaths on the south side of the A45 - accessible from Catherine

de Barnes Lane/Clock Lane, Bickenhill, that give an excellent view of the South end of Runway 33

There is also an on-site "Viewing Area" in Car Park 5 that is right next to the Runway
and the Taxiway the Emirates Airbus A380 will use to depart

Beware - while this is the closest view you can get of an Airbus A380 anywhere
in the UK on-airport parking is expensive - it costs £4.70 an hour in this Car Park

NOTE - the Runway in use will be determined by the wind direction - if the wind is from the
North/West then Runway 33 will be use - from the South/East then Runway 15 will be used

Emirates Airbus A380 at Birmingham - Photo competition 

Emirates have organised a photo competition to mark the start of their Airbus A380
from Dubai to Birmingham - details of this will appear on their Facebook page at -
- on Saturday morning - more information will also be on their Twitter and Instagram
accounts - if you add a photo use the hash tag #A380Birmingham

Thursday 24 March 2016


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