Birmingham Airport Review 2010

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Friday 31 December 2010 - easyJet Boeing 737 G-EZKD operates flight to Geneva

easyJet Boeing 737-73V G-EZKD operated their flight to Geneva
Woodgate Air Charter Navajo Chieftain G-JAJK operated
an air ambulance flight from Belfast International
Well that was 2010 at Birmingham Airport....
.... until out of the gathering gloom appeared a final star visitor
for 2010! - AeroContractors of Nigeria EC-225LP Super Puma
5N-BKH diverted to BHX due to poor weather at Norwich
/along its planned route up the east coast to Aberdeen

Thursday 30 December 2010 - Irish Air Corps Learjet 45 258 visits on air ambulance flight

Irish Air Corps Learjet 45 258 was an afternoon visitor
to the Elmdon apron operating an air ambulance flight
Jetstream Executive Travel Jetstream 31 G-OAKI spent the day
parked up after diverting in on Wednesday evening due to poor
visibility at Wolverhampton Business Airport/Halfpenny Green
RAF C17 ZZ176 which had arrived on a Medevac flight
on Wednesday departed after spending the night at BHX
due to poor visibility at Brize Norton

Wednesday 29 December 2010 - easyJet Airbus A319 G-EJJB makes its first (foggy) visit to BHX

easyJet Airbus A319-111 G-EJJB operated their flight to Geneva
- its first visit to BHX - as the thaw turned to thick fog....
....while Eurojet Citation Bravo G-FCDB and Citation Excel G-IPAX
spent the day parked on the Elmdon apron

Tuesday 28 December 2010

FlairJet Phenom 100 G-RAAL was an afternoon visitor
to the Elmdon apron

Monday 27 December 2010 - RAF Avia Antonov 26 YL-RAA now BHX based

RAF Avia Antonov 26B YL-RAA which had positioned in on
Sunday evening spent the day parked on the Elmdon apron
- it replaces YL-RAE as the based Antonov 26 freighter
Learjet 60 M-IGHT which had arrived on Saturday/Christmas Day
was a morning departure to Odessa, Ukraine

Sunday 26 December 2010 - Boxing Day

Thomson Boeing 757-236 G-CPEU touches down on Runway 33
on its return from Toulouse operating a ski season IT flight
Cessna T303 Crusader G-CYLS which had arrived on
Friday/Christmas Eve departed to Edinburgh
TAG Aviation Falcon 2000 HB-IAZ was a morning
visitor to the Elmdon apron

Saturday 25 December 2010 - Christmas Day

It was a "White Christmas" for BHX - Emirates Boeing 777-31HER
A6-EBF operated their morning service from Dubai on Christmas Day

Happy Christmas!!

Saturday 25 December 2010

Friday 24 December 2010 - Christmas Eve

easyJet Airbus A319-111 G-EZDT operated their flight from Geneva
Cello Avro Business Jet G-RAJJ spent the day parked up
on a snowy Elmdon apron.. Photo: Ron Kosys
Atlantic Airlines BAe ATP G-BUUP made two attempts on Thursday
evening to operate their nightly freight service to Maastricht - on
both occasions the aircraft returned to BHX without landing due
to poor weather at its destination.. Photo: Ron Kosys

Thursday 23 December 2010 - AeroVis Antonov 12 UR-CEZ visits on freight charter

AeroVis Airlines Antonov An 12B UR-CEZ which had arrived
in the early hours of the morning positioned out to Budapest....
.... departing with style off Runway 33!!.. Photo: Mike Hollick.Nightexpress Short 360-300 D-CCAS was a morning visitor
to the Elmdon apron.... ..Photo: Mike Hollick. .... while Fly Logic Metro II SE-KCP which had arrived on Wednesday
evening departed to Malmo.. Photo: Ron Kosys.
Netjets Hawker 800XP CS-DRO was a lunchtime visitor
Photo: Mike Hollick

Wednesday 22 December 2010 - Air Europa Boeing 737 EC-IDT operates for Thomson

Air Europa Boeing 737-86Q EC-IDT operated a sub charter for
Thomson from/to Alicante as the tour operators caught up after
several days of weather disrupted schedules
Photo: Ron Kosys
With no sign of a thaw contractors moved in to remove the snow....
.... some of it even went in the lorry!!

Tuesday 21 December 2010 - Meridiana Airbus A319 EI-DFP diverted from Gatwick

Meridiana Airbus A319-112 EI-DFP which diverted in on Monday
evening when snow closed Gatwick positioned back to Florence
Air France Airbus A320-214 F-GKXI operated their morning
service to Paris CDG in place of the usual Airbus A318
Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-ECO got stuck in the snow! For a
report see -
In the background 777 A6-ECZ departs off Runway 15 operating
their "EK 040" service to Dubai
Aviavilsa ATR 42-300F LY-ETM was a morning arrival
on a snowy Elmdon apron.... ..Photo: Mike Hollick
.... while Air Alliance Piper Cheyenne IIIA D-IAAE
was an evening visitor.. Photo: Mike Hollick

Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-ECO stuck in the snow at Birmingham Airport!!

Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-ECO has got stuck in the snow
after arriving at Birmingham Airport this afternoon....
.... the aircraft had arrived from Dubai operating flight "EK 029"
which had been rerouted from Heathrow due to that airport's
current weather related operating restrictions
.... while taxying the right undercarriage became stuck in the snow
.... while the aircraft was turning onto Taxiway Echo
Attempts were made to free the aircraft but when
these proved to be unsuccessful....
.... the decision was made to off load the passengers
before attempting to move the aircraft again
Tuesday 21 December 2010

Monday 20 December 2010 - Air Blue Airbus A319 AP-BIE continues to Manchester

Air Blue Airbus A319-112 AP-BIE diverted in on Sunday evening
while operating their Islamabad-Trazbon-Manchester service....
.... after spending the night at BHX it positioned to Manchester
Photo: Ron Kosys
Air Via Airbus A320-232 LZ-MDC positioned in to operate a
Thomas Cook IT flight to Las Palmas
Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-ECX arrived from Hamburg were
it had diverted on Saturday while enroute to Heathrow - it then
operated an additional flight back to Dubai.. Photo: Mike Hollick
To add to the weather related problems Helvetic Fokker 100 HB-JVC
- which operated the Swiss flight from Zurich - suffered a hydraulic
failure on arrival blocking Taxiway Alpha.... ..Photo: Ron Kosys
.... while the aircraft was being recovered to the terminal it was
necessary for departing aircraft to wait.... ..Photo: Ian Bowley
.... as landing aircraft back tracked to clear the Runway
- SAS MD 82 LN-RML exits at Echo One
Aircraft that have been at Birmingham over the weekend like
FedEx/Air Contractors ATR 72-202F EI-FXG which was parked
on the Elmdon apron remained snow bound.... ..Photo: Ron Kosys
.... with Danu Oro ATR 42-300F LY-OOV needing a full de ice
Photo: Mike Hollick
.... and there was still plenty of snow to go around!!


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