Tuesday 30 November 2010 - Sprint Air Saab 340 SP-KPU operates charter from Saarbrucken

Sprint Air Saab 340AF SP-KPU was a morning arrival from
Saarbrucken operating a priority freight charter - after
unloading it positioned out to Szezcin, Poland
WDL Friendship 600 D-ADEP has a large forward freight door - it
visited again operating a priority freight charter from Saarbrucken
.... before positioning out to Cologne
Citation Ultra CS-DTA was an early morning arrival diverting
in from Gloucester - it later continued its journey

Sunday 28 November 2010 - US Navy P-3C Orion 158929 overflies BHX

US Navy Lockheed P-3C Orion 158929 was an interesting overflight
heading south and passing over the airport at about 3,000 feet!!
Jet2 Boeing 757-236 G-LSAJ operated the return charter flight
from Riga before positioning out to Leeds
RAF Hercules C4 ZH877 was a late afternoon visitor to the Elmdon apron

Saturday 27 November 2010 - RAF Tristar ZD948 operates a medevac flight

RAF Tristar KC1 ZD948 was a morning visitor to the Elmdon apron....
.... operating a medivac flight
Sunwest Avaition Gulfstream G150 C-GZCZ
which had arrived on Wednesday departed

Thursday 25 November 2010 - Jet2 Boeing 757 G-LSAJ operates a charter to Riga

Jet2 Boeing 757-236 G-LSAJ positioned in from Leeds
to operate a charter to Riga
Mahan Air Airbus A310-304 EP-MNX operated their service
from Tehran - its first visit to BHX
WDL Friendship 600 D-ADEP operated a priority freight charter
from Saarbrucken before positioning to Cologne.. Photo: Ron Kosys
Piper Meridian PH-FHB was a visitor to the Elmdon apron
Photo: Mike Hollick

Wednesday 24 November 2010 - Gulfstream G150 C-GZCZ visits the Elmdon apron

Sunwest Aviation Gulfstream G150 C-GZCZ....
.... and Hangar 8 CitationJet G-OSOH were morning
arrivals on the Elmdon apron.. Photos: Mike Hollick

Monday 22 November 2010 - Nightexpress Beech 99 D-IEXB operates freight charter

Nightexpress Beech 99 D-IEXB was an afternoon visitor
operating a priority freight charter....
.... while Farnair Beech 1900D HA-FAM arrived from Budapest in
the early hours of the morning to take a load of freight to Rennes
Photos: Mike Hollick
Hawker 900XP OM-USS was a day stopping visitor....
.... while Piper Meridian OK-TOP which had arrived on Sunday
evening departed.. Photos: Ron Kosys
Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-8F2 TC-JFV operated their service
to Istanbul - it wears a special scheme tomark their sponsorship
of Manchester United FC.. Photo: Ron Kosys
RAF Rescue Sea King HAR3 ZE370 was an evening visitor
to the Elmdon apron.. Photo: Mike Hollick

Sunday 21 November 2010 - Turkish Boeing 737 TC-JFU makes first visit in new colour scheme

Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-8F2 TC-JFU operated their service
to Istanbul - the first visit of an aircraft in their new colour scheme
Boeing 737-73T BBJ N500LS spent the day parked up on the
Elmdon apron - the aircraft had positioned up from Luton on
Saturday afternoon after diverting there on Friday evening when
BHX was closed following the accident involving Citation G-VUEM -
Photos: Ron Kosys

Accident involving Citation Eagle II G-VUEM on Friday 19 November 2010

Citation Eagle II G-VUEM crash landed at Birmingham Airport in
thick fog shortly after 1535 on Friday 19 November 2010....
.... after colliding with the Runway 15 Instrument Landing System
- ILS - antennae while on final approach in the poor visibility
Thankfully both pilots survived the accident as did the liver they
were transporting from Belfast for a transplant operation at the
Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham
For the BBC News report on the accident see -
Recovery of the aircraft took place on Saturday morning following
inspection of the crash site by the AAIB - Air Accidents Investigation
Branch - the ILS antennae involved in the accident can be see below
the tail - the Runway is circa 100 metres to the right
Fire damage to the aircraft was confined to its left/port side
For the BBC news report (and video) on the aircraft recovery
and news of the successful transplant operation see -
Photos above: Birmingham Airport
Following it recovery the aircraft - Citation Eagle II G-VUEM -
was transported to the AAIB's facility at Farnborough on the
evening of Monday 22 November 2010 - again it can be seen
that only one side of the aircraft was fire damaged
Photos: Mike Hollick
Well done to all in the emergency services for their
efficient and professional response to this serious incident
For more on the Airport Fire Service role see -

Saturday 20 November 2010 - Updated!!

The airport remained closed until 1200 while recovery took place of
Citation Eagle II G-VUEM which had crash landed in thick fog shortly
after 1535 on Friday 19 November 2010 - for a full photo report see -http://bhxflightguide.blogspot.com/2010/11/news-g-vuem.html
Photo: Birmingham Airport

Friday 19 November 2010 - SAS Airbus A321 OY-KBF operates service to Copenhagen

SAS Airbus A321-232 OY-KBF operated their morning service
to Copenhagen in place of the usual Canadair CRJ900
Nightexpress Short 360-300 D-CRAS was a morning departure
to Frankfurt after night stopping at BHX due to the current
overnight Runway closures for annual maintenance
Photos: Ron Kosys
Citation Eagle II G-VUEM crash landed in thick fog shortly after 1535
closing the airport - for a full photo report please see -
Photo: Birmingham Airport

Tuesday 16 November 2010 - Travel Service Boeing 737 OM-TVA arrives from Bratislava

Travel Service Boeing 737-86N OM-TVA operated a day stopping
charter flight from Bratislava
Poor visability at Brize Norton on Monday evening resulted in two
RAF C 17's spending the night at BHX - ZZ175 was operating a
medevac flight and was unable to continue its journey....
.... while ZZ176 - which parked on the old cross runway - was
a later Brize Norton diversion.. Photos: Mike Hollick
TAG Aviation Falcon 2000 HB-IBH was an afternoon
visitor to the Elmdon apron....
.... while FlairJet Phenom 100 G-RAAL which was an Oxford
diversion on Monday evening departed.. Photos: Mike Hollick

Monday 15 November 2010 - KLM Embraer 190 PH-EZK operates flight to Amsterdam

KLM cityhopper Embraer 190-100LR PH-EZK operated
their lunchtime flight to Amsterdam
Roger Penske Racing Gulfstream 450 N500RP was a morning visitor
.... while Citation CJ2 OO-CIV spent the day parked
on the Elmdon apron.. Photo: Mike Hollick

Sunday 14 November 2010 - RAF Tristar KC1 ZD948 visits on a medevac flight

RAF Tristar KC1 ZD948 was a visitor operating a medivac flight
Hawker 800XP EI-WXP spent the day parked on the Elmdon apron

Friday 12 November 2010 - Jet2 Boeing 737 G-CGET off to Cagliari with G-CELH

Jet2 operated two charter flights to Cagliari, Sardinia - first to
depart was Boeing 737-33A G-CGET which is in a hybrid scheme
and was once a BHX regular as G-TOYE with bmibaby....
.... it was followed out by Boeing 737-330 G-CELH
Contact Air Fokker 100 D-AFKF operated the morning Lufthansa
service to Dusseldorf - the aircraft is in the "Star Alliance" scheme
with small "On behalf of Star Alliance member carriers Lufthansa
and Swiss International Airlines" titles on the nose
Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-8F2 TC-JGY - which is in a special
scheme to mark their sponsorship of FC Barcelona - operated
their flight from Istanbul
Bin Air Metro 23 D-CNAG which had arrived on Thursday
evening positioned out to Vodochody
Gulfstream 550 EI-GDL was a morning arrival
parking up on the Elmdon apron


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