Sunday 31 May 2015 - SmartWings Boeing 737-82R OM-TSG operates return charter from Barcelona

SmartWings Boeing 737-82R OM-TSG operated the Travel Service return charter flight from Barcelona....

.... its first visit to BHX - it then positioned out to Bratislava

Cello Aviation Boeing 737-476 G-RAJG was a morning departure to Amsterdam positioning out to fly for....

.... Arkefly the Dutch airline of the TUI Group and departing off Runway 33

.... the aircraft is named "Nazar Singh Gill"

Thomas Cook Boeing 757-236 G-TCBC which wears additional "Egypt where it all begins" titles....

.... operated the return additional IT flight from Palma for the Bank Holiday week

Turkish Airlines "Sharklet" Airbus A321-231 TC-JSM operated their morning service to Istanbul

Norwegian Boeing 737-8JP LN-DYQ operated their morning flight to Madrid

Air Nostrum/Iberia Regional Canadair CRJ 900ER EC-JTU was an evening arrival from Bilbao positioning in to
take Bordeaux-Begles home after their European Rugby Champions Cup qualifying match against Gloucester

Honeywell Flight Test Boeing 757-225 N757HW which had arrived from Cayenne, French Guiana
on Saturday evening spent the day parked up on the Elmdon apron

Saturday 30 May 2015 - Honeywell Flight Test Boeing 757-225 N757HW is an evening arrival from Cayenne

Honeywell Flight Test Boeing 757-225 N757HW was an evening arrival from Cayenne, French Guiana
in South America, via Porto in Portugal and parking up to night stop on the Elmdon apron....

.... the aircraft which is used for testing equipment in flight is normally based at Phoenix, Arizona, and was
once a BHX regular when it flew for Airtours as G-JALC - it is expected to be at BHX for about 10 days

Air Nostrum/Iberia Regional Canadair CRJ 900ER EC-JTU was an afternoon visitor bringing in Bordeaux-Begles
team for their European Rugby Champions Cup qualifying match again Gloucester at Worcester Rugby Stadium
on Sunday - the aircraft which wears additional "Vigo # A sea of life" titles then positioned back to Barcelona

Vueling Airbus A320-216 EC-KJD operated their new service to Barcelona - its first visit to BHX

Danish Air Transport MD 83 OY-RUE was a morning departure to Glasgow positioning out
to operate a charter in connection with the "Pro12" Rugby final in Belfast

Denim Fokker 100 PH-MJP operated their weekly IT flight to Innsbruck departing via Taxiway Charlie

American Airlines Boeing 757-223 N175AN operated their flight from New York JFK - its first visit to BHX

Super King Air G-FLYW was a morning visitor to the Elmdon apron

Tuesday 26 May 2015 - Smartlynx Airbus A320-214 YL-LCL flying for Thomas Cook from Dalaman

Smartlynx Airbus A320-214 YL-LCL was an afternoon arrival operating the Thomas Cook flight from Dalaman
- the aircraft is based at BHX under contract to Thomas Cook for the summer 2015 IT season

HondaJet HA-420 N420HE performed a local demonstration flight before departing to Church Fenton

Monday 25 May 2015 - HondaJet HA-420 N420HE makes first visit of type of aircraft to BHX

HondaJet HA-420 N420HE was an evening arrival from Cambridge - the first visit of this type of aircraft to BHX

.... it had been on display at the EBACE aviation show in Geneva and features over the wing mounted engines

.... it was soon towed into the Marshall hangar - it was announced at EBACE that Marshall Aviation Services

.... at Birmingham Airport have been appointed the HondaJet dealer for Northern Europe including Scandinavia

American Airlines Boeing 757-223 N195AN operated their flight to New York JFK - its first visit to BHX....

.... and the first time an aircraft in their original colour scheme has visited since they resumed serving BHX

Swiss Airbus A320-214 HB-IJF operated their morning service to Zurich

Icelandair Boeing 757-256 TF-FIY operated their flight to Reykjavik/Keflavik

Sunday 24 May 2015 - Aer Lingus Airbus A320-214 EI-DEO now flying as "#GreenSpirit" for Irish Rugby

Aer Lingus Airbus A320-214 EI-DEO "#GreenSpirit" operated their afternoon service from Dublin....

.... the aircraft wears a special scheme now that Aer Lingus is the Official Airline of Irish Rugby

Thomas Cook Boeing 757-28A G-FCLI positioned in from Glasgow to operated an additional flight....

.... to Palma for the Bank Holiday week - a now rare visit by a Thomas Cook Boeing 757

Monarch Airbus A321-231 G-ZBAJ operated their inaugural scheduled flight to Preveza
in Greece - a weekly service that replaces the previous IT/inclusive tour flight while....

flybe Embraer 175 G-FBJA operated their inaugural scheduled flight to Bastia
in Corsica a new seasonal route that will operate once weekly until September

An early morning line up of flybe Embraer 175s

West Air Europe/Atlantic Airways BAe ATP G-MANO was an early morning
departure operating the newspaper flight to the Isle of Man

Thursday 30 April 2015 - Monarch Airbus A330-243 G-EOMA arrives from Gatwick bringing their wide bodied aircraft operations to an end

Monarch Airbus A330-243 G-EOMA was an afternoon arrival from Gatwick as "MON332P"
bringing to an end wide bodied aircraft operations by Monarch Airlines....

.... it had operated its final revenue service as "MON368" from Tobago to Gatwick arriving on
Wednesday morning and now parked up on Stand 84C for short term storage pending disposal

Europe Airpost Boeing 737-3B3QC F-GIXE was a morning arrival positioning  in....

.... from Paris CDG to operate a charter to Valencia

Jettime Boeing 737-7Q8 OY-JTY was a morning arrival from Copenhagen - its first visit to BHX - as
it positioned in to be based for the summer operating for Monarch whose titles it also wears

Helvetic Embraer 190LR HB-JVP operated the evening Swiss service from Zurich - its first visit to BHX

Thomson Boeing 787-8 G-TUIG which day stops on a Thursday was towed across to the Monarch hangar....

.... for maintenance joining a mass of other aircraft on the Elmdon apron

Learjet 45XR G-OSRL was an afternoon visitor to the Elmdon apron Photo: Mike Hollick

Challenger 350 OE-HUG was an evening arrival parking up to night stop

Wednesday 29 April 2015 - luxaviation Challenger 300 LX-AVT is a morning visitor to the Elmdon apron

luxaviation Challenger 300 LX-LVT was a morning arrival from Paris Le Bourget - other visitors....

.... to the Elmdon apron on a busy day included London Executive Challenger 300 G-MRAP....

United Technologies Falcon 7X N12U which arrived to night stop....

Cega Air Ambulance Learjet 45XR G-XJET and....

Airlec Air Espace Merlin IIIB F-GRNT Photos: Mike Hollick

Jet2 Boeing 737-377 G-CELV positioned in from East Midlands to operate a cruise charter....

.... to Genoa - its first visit since having winglets fitted

Danish Air Transport MD 83 OY-RUE operated their flight to Hannover....

.... departing off Runway 33

SAS Airbus A319-131 OY-KBO which is in their "retro" colour scheme
operated their morning service to Copenhagen

Monarch "Sharklet" Airbus A321-231 G-ZBAO operated their flight to Sharm El Sheikh
Monarch Airbus A330-243 G-SMAN is now parked in front of their hangar Photo: Mike Hollick

Sikorsky S 92 G-LAWX was an evening visitor arriving to collect the passengers off....

.... Boeing 737-73T BBJ N500LS


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