Saturday 30 May 2009 - Onur Air Airbus A320 TC-OBD operates IT flight from Bodrum

Onur Air Airbus A320 TC-OBD again operated their
delayed evening IT flight from Bodrum
Thomas Cook Airbus A321 G-NIKO operated their flight to Mahon
Air Finland Boeing 757 OH-AFI was an early morning arrival from
Larnaca - it later positioned out to Kemi in Finland

Thursday 28 May 2009 - Jet Time Boeing 737 OY-JTB enroute to Manchester diverts to BHX

Jettime Boeing 737-3Y0 OY-JTB was an early morning diversion
for fuel on its return from Rome with Manchester United fans - it
continued onto Manchester shortly after 0515!
Neos Boeing 737-86N I-NEOX also returned Manchester United
fans from Rome after their defeat in the UEFA Champions league
final before positioning out to Milan Malpensa
. Titan Boeing 757-256 G-ZAPX positioned in from Stansted to
operate the afternoon Monarch Scheduled service to Murcia....
. .... while Air Finland Boeing 757-2K2 OH-AFI operated
the Monarch Scheduled service from Malaga

Wednesday 27 May 2009 - Neos operate charter for UEFA Champions League final

Neos Boeing 737-86N I-NEOX positioned in from Milan Malpensa
to operate a charter flight taking Manchester United fans to Rome
for the UEFA Champions League final

Tuesday 26 May 2009 - Airbus A319CJ G-NMAK now with "Arbus Corporate Jetliner" titles

Airbus A319CJ G-NMAK returned from its travels on Monday evening
- its now wears "Airbus Corporate Jetliner" titles on the forward
fuselage while retaining the Al-Kharafi insignia on nose and tail
Both Air Finland Boeing 757's - OH-AFI with winglets and OH-AFJ -
spent the day parked up on the 80's stands

Monday 25 May 2009 - Titan Boeing 757 G-ZAPU flying for Thomas Cook to Bodrum

Titan Boeing 757 G-ZAPU positioned into operate a subcharter
on behalf of Thomas Cook to Bodrum, Turkey
KTHY - Cyprus Turkish - Airbus A321 TC-KTD operated their weekly
flight to Ercan via Dalaman in place of the usual Boeing 737-800

Sunday 24 May 2009 - flyglobespan operate Boeing 767 subcharter for Monarch

flyglobespan Boeing 767-306ER G-SPNA positioned in from Dublin
in the early hours of Sunday morning to operate a subcharter on
behalf of Monarch to Paphos, Cyprus....
.... returning in the early evening
Air Finland Boeing 757-2Q8ET OH-AFJ positioned out to Oslo
Aer Lingus Airbus A321-211 EI-CPE operated their evening service
from Dublin in place of the usual A320
Saga Airlines Boeing 737-48E TC-SGD arrived from Dalaman to
operate an extra IT flight - it still wears small Air Algerie titles
and tail insignia from an earlier lease
CityJet/Scot Airways Dornier 328-110 G-BYMK departed
back to Newcastle after that teams defeat at Aston Villa

Saturday 23 May 2009 - Ryanair Boeing 737 EI-DCL flying as the Boeing "dreamliner"!!

Ryanair Boeing 737-8AS EI-DCL which is in the Boeing "dreamliner"
colour scheme operated the evening service from/to Gerona
Thomas Cook Belgium Airbus A320 OO-TCJ positioned in from
Brussels to operate the annual pilgrimage charter flight to Lourdes
Swiss Airbus A319 HB-IPR operated their morning service
from Zurich in place of the usual Helvetic Fokker 100
CityJet/Scot Airways Dornier 328 G-BYMK arrived with the
Newcastle United FC team for their match against Aston Villa
on Sunday afternoon
Balkan Holidays Airbus A320 LZ-BHB operated their first IT flight
of the summer season to Bourgas and Varna
Onur Air Airbus A320 TC-OBD operated their evening service
from Bodrum - its first visit to BHX

Friday 22 May 2009 - US Airways Boeing 757 N205UW operates their flight to Philadelphia

US Airways Boeing 757 N205UW operated their service to Philadelphia
flybe Dash 8Q-400 G-ECOT lands on Runway 33 at the end
of its delivery flight from Canada via Reykjavik

Thursday 21 May 2009 - Jet2 Boeing 737 G-CELP wears revised colour scheme

Jet2 Boeing 737-330QC G-CELP positioned in from
Stansted to operate a charter to Stuttgart - it wears
the light grey scheme of their 757's
Air Finland Boeing 757-28A OH-AFJ spent the day flying for Monarch
Dash 8Q-402 LN-WDT arrived from Eindhoven after repainting
back into flybe colours - it has been on lease to Wideroe of
Norway and will be restored to flybe as G-ECOB

Wednesday 20 May 2009 - Croatia Airbus A319 operates IT flight from Dubrovnik

Croatia Airbus A319-112 9A-CTH operated the return IT flight
from Dubrovnik before positioning to Newcastle
Aer Arran ATR 72-201 EI-REJ operated their flight to Waterford

April 2009 passenger figures

The new International Pier is now externally complete
Birmingham International Airport handled 717,139 passengers
during April 2009 - an increase of 0.6% on the previous year
Paul Kehoe, Birmingham Airport’s Chief Executive Officer,
explains: "While these figures represent a 0.6% increase
over the same month last year, and are therefore a welcome
boost for Birmingham Airport, it would be unwise to overlook
the fact that we are facing incredibly tough trading conditions.
Across the globe the aviation industry is battling to weather
the economic storm and this will undoubtedly be the case for
the coming months"
"The numbers have been boosted by Easter falling into April
but, set against the current backdrop, we are still expecting
a difficult period - despite the start of the summer season.
Nevertheless, we will continue to work with our partners to
provide choice and value for money, to help make these difficult
times a little easier for Midlands business and leisure travellers”
During April significant growth was achieved on
scheduled flights to destinations including-
Larnaca (+218.6%), Arrecife (+151.8%), Krakow (+135.4%),
Grenoble (+102.9%), Hamburg (+67%), Alicante (+43.9%),
Prague (+42.8%), Malaga (+35.3%), Malta (+23.8%),
Shannon (+23.4%), Palma (+17.9%), Dubai (+17.9%),
Tenerife (+16.6%), Islamabad (+16.1%), Hanover (+11.2%),
Mahon (+10.9%), Gerona (+10.1%), Faro (+6.3%)
and Almeria (+5%)
Charter traffic which experienced growth included -
Greece (+184.1%), Turkey (+108.7%) and Egypt (+79%)
Scheduled traffic accounted for 84.7% of the total
passenger traffic in April whilst charter passengers
made up the remaining 15.3%
Wednesday 20 May 2009

Tuesday 19 May 2009 - City Airline Embraer 135 SE-RAB flying for "Depeche Mode"

City Airline Embraer 135 SE-RAB which is in a special "Depeche Mode"
scheme - a UK band that is using it for their "Tour of the Universe" -
operated their evening service from Gothenburg
Arcus Air Dornier 228 D-CUTT was an afternoon arrival operating
a cargo flight and parking on the Elmdon apron....
.... where it joined Bin Air Metro D-CPSW that had arrived
in the early hours of the morning

Monday 18 May 2009 - Cyprus Turkish Boeing 737 TC-CTA operates first flight of the season

Boeing 737-800 TC-CTA of Cyprus Turkish - which is the new name
/scheme of KTHY - operated their first service of the 2009 season
- its first visit to BHX
Turkmenistan Boeing 757 EZ-A011 - which is in their new
colour scheme - operated their service from Ashkhabad

Sunday 17 May 2009 - Maldivian Air Taxi Twin Otter 8Q-MAU departs for Keflavik

Maldivian Air Taxi/Kenn Borek Air Twin Otter 8Q-MAU lifts off
Runway 15 on its way to Keflavik and onto Canada....
.... it had earlier arrived from Brindisi (and the Maldives)
parking on the Elmdon apron to refuel
Airbus A319CJ G-NMAK now wearing the Al-Kharafi insignia
was a morning departure in the rain to Kuwait

Saturday 16 May 2009 - US Airways Boeing 757 N938UW off to Phildelphia

US Airways Boeing 757-2B7 N938UW operated their service
to Philadelphia which operates 5 times weekly until the end
of September 2009
First Choice Boeing 767-324ER G-OOBK operated
the Thomson flight to Punta Cana
Air Finland Boeing 757-2K2 OH-AFI was an afternoon departure
to Dublin to operate a sub charter for Onur Air....
.... while OH-AFJ had earlier arrived from Larnaca
Airbus A319-115X CJ G-NMAK now wears small
"Mohammed A. Al Kharafi" titles in addition to
the Al-Kharafi Group insignia on the tail


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