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BHX Airport Watch” – which was established in 2005 as
BAESS – the “Birmingham Aviation Enthusiasts Security Scheme” –
is a joint initiative of the West Midlands Police based
at Birmingham Airport and the
Birmingham Aviation Enthusiasts Group
and is sponsored by Birmingham Airport
The continuing threat of terrorism has resulted in heightened
security at airports throughout the world making the hobby of
watching and photographing aircraft an increasingly
challenging pastime
Rather than discourage aviation enthusiasts in the pursuit of
our hobby the West Midlands Police at Birmingham Airport
are keen to tap into our local knowledge and regular presence
around the airport so that we play a role in combating both
the threat of terrorism and crime by acting as an
additional set of eyes and ears for the Police
and the wider airport community
BHX Airport Watch” has the following aims:
• The use of enthusiasts’ knowledge of the aviation environment
and their observation skills to report any suspicious activity
• To promote responsible behaviour amongst enthusiasts,
discouraging the small minority that may cause damage,
obstructions etc.
• To promote greater understanding of the enthusiast’s cause
and consultation on enthusiasts’ issues with both the
West Midlands Police and the Airport Company
An ID badge is issued (free of charge) to all members
of “BHX Airport Watch”. The badge does not confer entry
to any private, restricted or secure area, it merely confirms
that the holder is a genuine aviation enthusiast, but is intended
to save both Police and enthusiast time by providing a quick
and easy check when required.
Enthusiasts wishing to join the scheme, which is administered
by the Birmingham Aviation Enthusiasts Group, can obtain
an application form from either the
Aviation Experience and Gift Centre” at in Terminal 1 at BHX,
the Airport Police Station on the ground floor of Diamond House
or by sending an email to:
Please report suspicious activity
to the Airport Police on
0121-712-6151 or email them at
or call the Anti-Terrorist hotline
on 0800 789321

The Flight Path Protection Team is a dedicated unit of
Police Officers based at West Midlands Police
Operations Aviation Unit at Birmingham Airport
As part of a government led initiative the team are working
on engaging with communities in the areas surrounding the airport.
We are asking these members of the public to be additional
"eyes and ears" reporting anything suspicious to us in an attempt
to reduce the opportunity for terrorist related incidents.
It is important to note that the security threat assessment to the
UK has NOT been raised and there is no current intelligence
or suggestion that an attack is likely or expected.
If you feel that you could contribute to this initiative and would
like to join the Airport Police “Community Engagement Register”
then please email the details below to –
Name/Address/Tel/Mobile no/email - please
Please state BAEG/BHX Airport Watch member/aircraft enthusiast
Promoting co-operation between
Aviation Enthusiasts, West Midlands Police
and Birmingham International Airport
“BHX Airport Watch” is a joint initiative of
the West Midlands Police Airport Division and
the .Birmingham Aviation Enthusiasts Group and
is sponsored by Birmingham International Airport


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