Thursday 28 June 2012 - Challenger 850 VH-VMX climbs away into the murk

Challenger 850 VH-VMX which had arrived on Wednesday was
a lunchtime departure off Runway 15 climbing into the murk
Hawker 4000 N78KN was an afternoon arrival - only
a Hawker 4000's third visit to BHX
Learjet 60 M-IGHT made a brief afternoon visit
Brussels Airlines Boeing 737-36N OO-VEN operated their
lunchtime flight to Brussels in place of the usual Dash 8
Birmingham Airport's new Air Traffic Control Tower at 1030
on a summer days morning! - two storms passed over the
airport during the day the morning one resulted in a flash
flood which flooded the ground floor of the Elmdon Building
Another storm crossed the airfield at lunchtime resulting
in 10 aircraft diverting away - 2 to Luton and 8 including
the Emirates Boeing 777 to East Midlands - all returned
to Birmingham after the storm had passed
Photos: Lawrence Jones


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