Armavia resume weekly service from Birmingham to Yerevan and onto India

Armavia have resumed their service from Birmingham to
Yerevan with the flights now offering direct connections
onto Amritsar, India....
.... Armavia first operated from Birmingham in September
2010 - see here for more information - but the flights had
to be suspended because of issues over Traffic Rights
Flights will now depart Birmingham for Yerevan at 1125
on Wednesday's and will offer a direct connection onto
Amritsar - the return flight arrives at 1025 on Wednesday
Initially the flights will operate on a weekly basis but are
expected to increase for the peak winter season
Armavia summer 2012 schedule from Birmingham
to Yerevan and onto Amritsar
1025/1125 U8 107/108 320 from/to Yerevan
- operates weekly on Wednesday
Schedule/timings subject to change!!
Wednesday 25 July 2012


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