Hangar Watch - Monday 29 April 2013

A visit to the site of new Monarch Aircraft Engineering Hangar giving an air-side
view of progress with the structure now largely complete and showing....

.... the size of the two aircraft bays which will each be able to accommodate
a Boeing 777-300ER or a larger number of smaller aircraft

.... work is now progressing on constructing the apron area in front of the hangar

.... while a team was erecting safety netting inside the hangar structure
in preparation for the external roof cladding being lifted into place

Another view of the hangar showing the offices/service area at the rear of the building

.... and a view of the whole site with the Monarch Hangar on the left, the asphalt
Batching plant for the Runway extension/A45 diversion project, the Eurojet Hangar,
the Elmdon site and the new ATC Tower on the far right of the photo

Monday 29 April 2013


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