Birmingham Airport and Blue City Aviation working together to support the National Health Service

Birmingham Airport and Blue City Aviation, a specialist cargo ground handler based
at the airport, are working together to support the National Health Service during
these challenging times in the fight again the coronavirus - COVID-19 - pandemic....

.... the airport has now handled 6 special cargo flights bringing in PPE and other
essential supplies for NHS the most recent on Tuesday, 5 May 2020, when a
Boeing 777 operated by Russian airline Royal Flight brought in 35 tonnes of PPE 

The aircraft originated in Hefei, China, and routed via Moscow to Birmingham were
a team was ready to unload the cargo of PPE - Personal Protective Equipment - ....

.... because of the current shortage of dedicated freight aircraft much of the cargo was
carried in the passenger cabin of this 428 seat airliner and had to been unloaded box by box

A fleet of lorries was on hand so the PPE could be transferred to the NHS without delay

After offloading Royal Flight Boeing 777-31HER VQ-BGL departed back to Moscow
- the aircraft had previously visited Birmingham when operated by Emirates as A6-EBF
Looking to move PPE or other urgent freight
in these challenging times?

Birmingham Airport remains open from 0800 to 2359 daily and
Blue City Aviation can provide a full ground handling service for
all types and sizes of aircraft - for more information contact or visit their www site at -

Saturday 9 May 2020


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