New night time flying policy agreed by Birmingham Airport and Solihull Council

Birmingham Airport and Solihull Council have agreed
a new night time flying policy that will reduce noise
for neighbouring communities
At a meeting of the Council’s planning committee,
members agreed proposals which will see a reduction
in noise during the night period, where the Airport will
reduce it night noise violation level limit from 87dB(A)
to 85dB(A), which would encourage airlines to operate
quieter aircraft. The Airport also agreed to ban the
scheduling of noisy aircraft at night. The proposals
have also changed the night period to bring it in line
with other UK airports and that defined by the Civil
Aviation Authority -11.30pm-6am (previously 11pm-6am)
The Night Flying Policy at Birmingham Airport is
reviewed every two years. In 2010/11, an interim review
was carried out, subject to the airport carrying out a full
review in 2011. As part of the review the Airport carried
out a 16 week public consultation, launched in June 2011,
seeking the views on their proposals. The proposals were
put to the Airport Working party, who worked closely with
the airport to gain further information in order to be able to
put forward a suitable proposal to the Planning Committee
Chairman of Solihull Council’s Planning Committee,
Councillor Stuart Davis, said: "I’m extremely pleased that,
by working closely with Birmingham Airport, we have
been able to agree a night time policy that reduces noise
levels for our communities, and is also in line with other
UK airports, giving Solihull, Birmingham and the wider
West Midlands equal economic benefits. I’d like to thank
colleagues on the airport working party and the Airport
itself for showing true partnership working, with the
environment and the local community in mind"
Birmingham Airport’s Environment Manager, Kirstin Kane
said "We are committed to meeting the air travel needs of
the Midlands region in an environmentally responsible way
and the Night Flying Policy is an integral part of the Airport
Company’s overall programme of environmental mitigation.
We would also like to thank the Airport Working Party for
their approach to working in partnership to achieve a Night
Flying Policy that can be considered as the most stringent
in the UK"
Wednesday 1 February 2012


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