April 2014 passengers at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport handled 758,456 passengers during April 2014
- an increase of 16.7% on the previous year which makes the month
the "busiest April" ever at BHX!!

This is an exceptional result - the previous busiest April was in 2009
when the passengers numbers totalled 717,319 - that month also
included Easter so April 2014 is 5.7% ahead of the previous record
on a comparable basis! 
Easter was of course in March last year which explains the large
percentage increase compared with the previous year but even
on an underlying basis the increase in April was over 10%
Paul Kehoe, Birmingham Airport’s CEO, said: "To record the busiest
April in our history is a tremendous achievement. It demonstrates
the strong demand that exists for flights to and from Birmingham
and the progress we have made over the past 12 months in particular"
"A strong performance in April is the perfect way to enter the summer
season, a period which will also see Birmingham become the first UK
airport outside of London to offer direct charter flights to China, as well
as new flights starting to Porto, Cologne, Florence, Ibiza, Malta and
Athens, among others"
Long haul routes again performed well - up 20.9% in the month -
with the Emirates service to Dubai up a 13.7% and the new Air India
service to Amritsar and Delhi to go from strength to strength
flybe launched a major expansion of their services from Birmingham
at the start of the month with new routes to Alicante, Cologne, Florence
and Porto with new services to Bordeaux, Ibiza, Palma, Newquay, 
Reykjavik and Toulouse planned to start in the coming months
The peak summer will also see further new scheduled routes including
Aegean Airlines - to Athens - and Monarch to Hurghada - while China
Southern Airlines will be operating a short series of Airbus A330 charter
flights from Beijing - a first for a UK regional airport! 
During April significant growth was achieved
on scheduled flights to destinations such as -
Jersey 173.2%, Fuerteventura 132.1%, Stuttgart 98.0%,
Arrecife 78.2%, Faro 77.0%, Larnaca 66.4%,
Geneva 51.2%, Shannon 40.1%, Hannover 34.2%,
Dublin 32.8%, Tenerife 30.8% and Dubai 13.7% 
Charter traffic which experience growth included -
Malta 100.0%, Portugal 100.0% and Italy 90.6%
Scheduled traffic accounted for 89.1% of the total
passenger traffic in April whilst charter passengers
made up the remaining 10.9%

Tuesday 13 May 2014


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