Thursday 1 May 2014 - Army Air Corps Dauphin 2 ZJ781, ZJ783 and ZJ785 visit the Elmdon apron

Army Air Corps Dauphin 2 ZJ785 was an evening visitor to the Elmdon apron....

.... joining Army Air Corps Dauphin 2 ZJ781

.... and Army Air Corps Dauphin 2 ZJ783 which had both arrived earlier

.... parking together on Stand 501 on the Elmdon apron

Twinjet Airbus A319CJ G-NMAK which had arrived for short term parking
the previous week was an evening departure to Paris Le Bourget

Boeing 777-31HER A6-ENC was an early morning visitor as Emirates revised their schedule to a
0625 arrival into BHX because of the runway closure and resurfacing programme at Dubai Airport
- the aircraft now departs BHX back to Dubai at 1155 and these timing continue until 20 July 2014


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