Runway Watch - Wednesday 5 February 2014

Final preparations are taking place at Birmingham Airport - including the installation of temporary
runway lighting - for the move of the Runway 33 threshold. When the runway closes on Wednesday
night work - which in practical terms means repainting the runway markings - will start to relocate
the Runway 33 threshold some 300 metres south adjacent to holding point Echo 1 - and if all goes
to plan when the runway reopens after the overnight closure at 0600 on Thursday 6 February 2014
the new approach/glide path to Runway 33 - which will not change again when the physical runway
extension is complete - will come into operation

Work on the (basic) runway extension was completed last week - the final surface will go on as part
of the on-going runway resurfacing project - and Birmingham Airport now has 3,050 metres of concrete
- see markings at the start of the runway - all the way to the 15 threshold

A view back down the new approach lights/guide path to Runway 33

Work continues apace now on the new parallel taxiway - Taxiway Sierra....

.... with concrete being laid by a giant GOMACO GHP-2800 slipform paver

Much of the work on the runway is being down at night with specialist lights being
stored in a compound adjacent to the new ATC Tower during the day

Wednesday 5 February 2014


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