Biman Bangladesh Airlines Douglas DC10-30 S2-ACR arrives at Birmingham at start of its farewell tour

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Douglas DC10-30 S2-ACR arrived at Birmingham Airport from Dhaka
via Kuwait on the evening of Thursday 20 February 2014 at the start of its Farewell tour to the UK

DC10-30 S2-ACR is the last remaining passenger DC10 in airline service and AirTeamImages were
on hand to catch its arrival at Birmingham where to mark this historic occasion Biman Bangladesh
Airlines have arranged to operate a series of DC10 "scenic flights" on Saturday/Sunday/Monday
22/23/24 February 2014 with the final flight at 1500 on Monday 24 February 2014 being the last
ever opportunity to fly as a passenger in the Douglas DC10 - more information here

The "Birmingham Airport Photo Blog" flew on the aircraft back from Dhaka and a full trip report
will follow in due course - the Bengali service of BBC World were also on the flight and their video
report - which is in Bengali - and includes footage taken on the flight can be seen here

Friday 21 February 2014


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