Tuesday 25 February 2014 - Biman Bangladesh Airlines DC10-30 S2-ACR returns home to Dhaka

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Douglas DC10-30 S2-ACR rotates off Runway 15 as it departs
back to Dhaka - nonstop! - after a weekend of operating "Scenic flights" from Birmingham
to mark the final ever passenger flight of the Douglas DC10 on Monday Photo: Nick Broome

It has been a great aviation weekend at Birmingham! - on the return of the final flight
on Monday afternoon Biman/the Airport Company held a Press Conference on the DC10
and I took the opportunity of thanking Kevin Steele - Biman's CEO - on behalf of the whole
aviation enthusiast community for bringing the DC10 to BHX and letting so many have a
final flight on it - I know people have visited Birmingham from all over the world to fly in
/photograph/see the DC10 and its fair to say Biman/BHX have faced a few challenges
in delivering an event of this nature in our regulated world!

Well done and thank you!

Gordon Stretch



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