Thursday 28 August 2014 - Alpha Star Airbus A320-214 CJ HZ-A2 visits the Monarch hangar

Alpha Star Airbus A320-214 CJ Prestige HZ-A2 arrived from Stansted on Wednesday evening for attention
by Monarch Aircraft Engineering - the first visit of this type of Corporate Airbus to BHX.... Photo: Mike Hollick

.... after a night in the hangar it spent Thursday parked up on the apron in front of the Monarch hangar

Balkan Holidays/BH Air to use new Airbus A330 LZ-AWA on flights from Bourgas to Birmingham

Balkan Holidays/BH Air are planning to use their recently acquired Airbus A330-223
LZ-AWA on their weekly Saturday afternoon IT/inclusive tour flight from Bourgas to
Birmingham between 6 and 27 September 2014 -

SATURDAY - weekly from 6 to 27 September 2014 

1700/1800 BGH5537/5538 332 from/to Bourgas
- weekly IT flight - Balkan Holidays

Schedule/timings subject to change!!

Friday 29 August 2014

Wednesday 27 August 2014 - TAG Aviation Boeing 757-2K2 G-TCSX arrives for attention by Monarch

TAG Aviation Boeing 757-2K2 G-TCSX positioned in from Manchester via an air test over
Wales after repainting into an all black scheme - the aircraft will now be fitted out....

.... in the Monarch Aircraft Engineering hangar with a business class interior prior to entering
service operating "Around the World" flights on behalf of specialist tour operator TCS Expeditions
- for more information and an artist's impression of the final scheme click here

Boeing 757-2K2 G-TCSX on short finals to Runway 15 at Birmingham Photo: Robert Jones
More photos later

Saturday 16 August 2014 - Air Contractors Boeing 737-4Y0 EI-JRE flying for Ryanair

Air Contractors Boeing 737-4YO EI-JRE operated the morning Ryanair service from Dublin

Lufthansa "Sharklet" equipped Airbus A320-214 D-AIUH which had arrived on Friday
evening on its first visit to BHX was an early morning departure to Frankfurt

flybe Dash 8Q-402 G-JEDR which is currently in an all white scheme was a morning departure to Jersey

Thomas Cook Boeing 757-21K G-WJAN was an afternoon departure to Izmir

Atlantic Airlines BAe ATP G-BUUP positioned in from Guernsey to operate
the Sunday morning newspaper flight to the Isle of Man

Eastern Embraer 145 G-CGWV positioned in from Newcastle to take Sunderland
home after on for their "Premier League" match against West Bromwich Albion

Jet Fly Citation XLS OE-GGG made a brief afternoon visit.... Photo: Mike Hollick

.... to the Elmdon apron departing to Karlovy Vary

London Executive Cessna 510 Mustang G-LEAA was a lunchtime visitor Photo: Mike Hollick

Sunday 24 August 2014 - TUIfly Boeing 737-8K5 D-ATUF flying in Hapag-Lloyd retro colour scheme

TUIfly Boeing 737-8K5 D-ATUF which is in the Hapag-Lloyd retro colour scheme....

.... operated their weekly IT/inclusive tour flight to Palma

Air France Airbus A321-212 F-GTAN operated their morning service to Paris CDG - its first visit to BHX

Germanwings Airbus A320-211 D-AIQD operated their flight from Berlin Tegel
- it wears additional "Die Biene Maja/Maya the Bee" cartoons and titles

Falcon 2000EX HB-IAU was a morning arrival parking up to night stop

Beechjet 400A G-ERIE made a brief morning visit to the Elmdon apron

Saturday 23 August 2014 - Evelop Airlines "Sharklet" Airbus A320-214 EC-LZD makes its first visit to BHX

Evelop Airlines "Sharklet" equipped Airbus A320-214 EC-LZD operated their flight from Palma....

.... its first visit to BHX and the first time this weekly flight has been operated by an Evelop Airlines aircraft

.... all previous flights having been operated by Airbus A320-214 CS-TRL in Orbest colours

Aegean Airbus A320 SX-DVU operated their weekly IT/inclusive tour flight to Rhodes....

.... it wears additional "Discover the new Acropolis museum" titles and image on the rear fuselage

Turkmenistan Boeing 717 EZ-A106 which had arrived from Ashgabat via Minsk on Friday evening
was a lunchtime departure to Keflavik and onto Marana in Arizona, USA, for maintenance

Grand Cru Boeing 737-382 LY-LGC positioned in from Gdansk - its first visit as such - to operate
the delayed Estonian Airlines flight to Salzburg after the latter’s Embraer 170 went "tech"

flybe Dash 8Q-402 G-JECE has recently been repainted into their new "#purpleplane" colour scheme

bmi regional Embraer 145EP G-RJXF spent the day parked on the Elmdon apron before taking
Newcastle United home after their "Premier lea
gue" football match against Aston Villa

Ruby Star Antonov 12BP EW-394TI which arrived on Friday after spent the day parked up

Air Med Learjet 35A G-JMED was a late afternoon arrival operating an air ambulance flight while....

Super King Air F-GHSV also made an evening visit operating an air ambulance flight

Friday 22 August 2014 - Blue City Aviation handle three Antonov 12 freighters plus an An 26 in a day!!

Cavok Air Antonov 12B UR-CJN was an afternoon visitor to the Elmdon apron.... Photo: Mike Hollick

.... one of three Antonov 12s that arrived during the day bringing in an urgent consignment
of freight from Timisoara, Romania - after being unloaded by local ground handler
Blue City Aviation it positioned to East Midlands - the other flights were operated  by....

Ruby Star Antonov 12BP EW-394TI which arrived in the early evening to night stop and....

Ukraine Air Alliance Antonov 12BK UR-CAH which positioned out to Prestwick after unloading

Aviavilsa Antonov 26B HA-TCV was a morning arrival from Leipzig parking up to night stop
More photos later!!

Birmingham Airport reports 2013/14 profits up by 4.9% - invests £28.4 million in improved facilities

Birmingham Airport have released their financial results for the year ended 31 March 2014

Turnover for the year increased by 5.8% with profits after tax up 4.9% driven by a 3.7%
increase in passenger numbers to 9,250,997 - long haul traffic in the year was up 13.3%

The financial year saw Birmingham Airport achieve a number of significant milestones -

+ The new Air Traffic Control Tower went into service in April 2013
+ A new fleet of state of the art Oshkosh Fire fighting vehicles was acquired in June 2013
+ Air India returned to the airport with a "dreamliner" service in August 2013
+ August 2013 was the second busiest month in the airport's history 

+ Monarch Aircraft Engineering opened their new hangar in November 2013
+ The airport hosted the last ever DC 10 passenger flight in February 2014
+ Work continued throughout the year on the 400 metre runway extension

The airport invested £28.4 million on capital projects during the financial year - up from £19.3 million
in the previous year - including the 400 metre runway  extension, the resurfacing of the existing runway,
improved airfield drainage and infrastructure work for the new hangar for Monarch Aircraft Engineering

Looking forward to 2014/15 the extended runway went into service in May 2014 and driven by the
expansion of new routes and services, many operated by flybe, the passenger numbers are now at
record levels for the first time since before the recession started in 2008 with the airport on target
to handle over 10 million passengers for the first time in 2015/16      

Birmingham Airport Holding Limited
Financial highlights year ended 31 March 2014

Turnover 2013/14 - 113,754 up 5.8%
Turnover 2012/13 - 107,504

Profit after tax 2013/14 - 12,462 up 4.9%
Profit after tax - 2012/13 - 10,849 

Passenger numbers 2013/14 - 9,250,997 up 3.7%
Passenger numbers 2012/13 - 8,919,218

Passenger numbers growth in 2013/14 by market sector -
- Long haul + 13.3%
- Full service scheduled + 3.3%
- Low cost + 3.5%
- Charter/Inclusive tour + 1.1%

Dublin remained the most popular destination marginally ahead of Dubai and Amsterdam

Birmingham Airport is a public/private partnership. The current shareholders include the
seven West Midlands District Councils 49%, Airport Group Investments Ltd. (AGIL), a
limited company owned by the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan (Teachers') and Australia's
Victorian Funds Management Corp (VFMC) 48.25% and the Employee Share Trust 2.75%

Thursday 21 August 2014

Wednesday 20 August 2014 - The Royal Air Force Red Arrows perform a flypast at Birmingham Airport

The Royal Air Force Red Arrows aerobatic team performed a flypast over Birmingham Airport
flying from east to west at 1420 while routing from RAF Scampton, Lincolnshire to Exeter Airport

Note the 10th aircraft on the right as they approached Birmingham Airport

More photos later!!


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