Birmingham Airport's extended 3,003 metre runway operational from 0600 on Tuesday 27 May 2014

Birmingham Airport's 400 metre runway extension went into operation at 0600 on Tuesday 27 May 2014
with Privilege Style Boeing 757-256 EC-ISY operating for Monarch the first to depart using the "extended"
3,003 metre runway with flybe Embraer 195 G-FBEJ following it down Taxiway Sierra which has also opened

The runway had been closed during the early hours of Tuesday morning to enable the contractors to
complete the final commissioning of new parallel Taxiway Sierra similar work having been performed
on the "extended" runway layout in the early hours of the previous/Monday morning....

.... shortly before 0600 after the BHX Ops team had performed final checks the "extended" 3,003 metre
runway and new Taxiway Sierra was declared operational with all the safety barriers being removed

The first movement of a new era was the arrival of Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-EGT from Dubai....

.... there was some initial reluctance of the early morning departures to go "full length" - did they know what
they were missing!? - with the first departure of the day Monarch Airbus A321-231 G-ZBAF operating the
ZB 402 to Faro lining up on Runway 33 via Taxiway Echo/Echo 1 followed out by KLM Boeing 737-7K2 PH-BGN

Two further aircraft departed from Echo 1 so it fell upon Privilege Style Boeing 757-256 EC-ISY operating
Monarch flight ZB 958 to be the first aircraft to acknowledge "taxy via Sierra to holding point Sierra 1...."

.... and at 0632 on Tuesday 27 May 2014 Privilege Style Boeing 757-256 EC-ISY operating for Monarch to
depart "full length" off Birmingham Airport's extended 3,003 metre Runway 33 - a new era has started!

You know what its like once one has done it they all want to do it with flybe (top photo), Thomson and Monarch
all following it down Taxiway Sierra as did most of the rest of the movements during the morning peak period

Some different views of the new "extended" runway and taxiway layout - a Lufthansa Embraer 195
holds at Sierra 1 with the early morning Ryanair flight from Dublin on short final to Runway 33

The "bigger picture" of the completed runway extension site as the United Boeing 757 departs
to Newark off Runway 33 with the new ATC Tower in the background....

.... panning around the view down the extended runway as an Air France Airbus A319 lines up on Runway 33
via Taxiway Echo/Echo 1 - both the new ATC Tower and Monarch Hangar can be seen in the background

A view down new Taxiway Sierra with a flybe Dash 8 "#purpleplane" approaching holding point Sierra 1
while a Monarch Airbus A321 can be seen in the background on Taxiway Echo....

.... a Thomson Boeing 757 lines up on the extended Runway 33 via holding point Sierra 1

A view back along extended Runway 33 as a Monarch Airbus A321 touches down with in the background
a Brussels Airlines Dash approaching holding point Sierra 1 and Bickenhill Church in the distance

The view from a wet Bickenhill - as an aircraft touches down on Runway 33 a flybe Embraer 175 waits
at holding point Sierra 1 while a flybe Dash 8 and Ryanair Boeing 737 hold at Echo 1

Earlier in the day Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-EGT operating their lunchtime flight EK 040 to Dubai
was the first wide bodied aircraft to depart on Birmingham Airport's "extended" 3,003 metre runway - to
see a full sequence of images illustrating the "extended" runway and taxiway layout in operation click here

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Thursday 29 May 2014 - BBC News Eurocopter Squirrel 2 G-TAKE is a visitor to the Elmdon apron

BBC News Eurocopter Squirrel 2 G-TAKE was an afternoon visitor to the Elmdon apron.... Photo: Brett Allen

.... departing to Lichfield Cathedral to cover the memorial service for cancer fund raiser Stephen Sutton
- the helicopter is operated on behalf of BBC News by Arena Aviation

United Technologies Falcon 2000EX N810U which had arrived on Wednesday
was an afternoon departure Photo: Brett Allen

Challenger 300 D-BIGA made a brief afternoon visit departing to Cologne

Monarch Boeing 757-2T7 G-DAJB which went into the hangar back on Friday 25 April 2014....

.... was towed outside and turned around to park up during the afternoon

PIA Boeing 777-240ER AP-BGL operated their flight from Islamabad
making use of the extended runway for the first time

Emirates Boeing 777 A6-EGT is the first wide bodied aircraft to depart on BHX's extended runway after it was declared operational on Tuesday 27 May 2014

Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-EGT operating their lunchtime flight "EK 040" to Dubai
was the first wide bodied aircraft to depart on Birmingham Airport's "extended" runway
after it was declared operational at 0600 on Tuesday 27 May 2014 - this sequence of
images illustrates the "extended" runway and taxiway layout in operation....

.... after proceeding along Taxiway Echo the aircraft turns onto new Taxiway Sierra
- due to work in progress at the fuel farm an Ops vehicle escort is required here

.... the aircraft then proceeds along the new parallel Taxiway Sierra with the newly
extended and refurbished Long Stay Park Car and new Radar in the background

.... a general view of the aircraft on Taxiway Sierra with the 400 metre extension
to Runway 15/33 in the foreground

.... as the aircraft approaches the Sierra 1 holding point it passes the new Jet Blast Deflector
which is designed to protect vehicles using the new airside perimeter road from the jet blast
of aircraft (up to Airbus A380 size) using Taxiway Sierra as the wait to line up on Runway 33

Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-EGT holds for departure at Sierra 1 waiting for....

.... Thomson Boeing 757-236 G-CPEV to land on Runway 33

.... the aircraft then lines up on Runway 33 - the street lights of the A45 Coventry Road
which now runs in a cutting can be seen in the background - not much traffic today!

The bigger picture! - the aircraft lined up on the extended Runway 33 with the view
all the way back to the new ILS - foreground - and the terminal in the background

.... Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-EGT starts its take off roll

.... along the extended Runway 33 which is now 3,003 metres long

.... rotating/becoming airborne shortly after the aircraft passes Taxiway Lima
- the former cross Runway 06/24 - next stop Dubai!

Tuesday 27 May 2014

Wednesday 28 May 2014 - Gulfstream IVSP N432HC "Hotel California" is an arrival from Amsterdam

Gulfstream IVSP N432HC was an afternoon arrival from Amsterdam bringing in the "Eagles"
- an American rock band - for their concerts at the LG Arena - the "HC" in the aircraft coming
from their 1976 album "Hotel California" one of their greatest hits

Gulfstream V N225EE made a brief afternoon visit to the Elmdon apron....

.... before continuing onto Farnborough Photos: Mike Hollick

Aravco Embraer Legacy 650 G-OTGL was an evening arrival parking up to night stop

Air Transat Airbus A310-304 C-GTSH operated their weekly flight to Toronto
making use for the first time of the extended runway

Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-8F2 TC-JHV operated their morning service to Istanbul
catching some brightness on a very wet day as it proceeded along Taxiway Sierra

Hamburg Airways Airbus A320-214 D-AHHF operated their weekly flight to Hannover
entering the runway via Taxiway Echo/Echo 1 - no full length departure for him!

Icelandair announce new service to Reykjavik and onto the USA and Canada from Birmingham Airport

Icelandair has announced a new scheduled service to Keflavik Airport, Reykjavik,
from Birmingham Airport which will become the airlines 5th UK gateway - the new
flights will operate twice weekly from Thursday 5 of February 2015

Andres Jonsson, General Manager of Icelandair UK, said: "We are delighted to announce
Birmingham as our newest gateway in the UK. Our first route from the Midlands will not
only open up opportunities of travelling to and from Iceland but also a refreshing and
convenient way to North America"

Just under 3 hours from Birmingham, the Nordic country is expected to become a popular
year-round destination from the Midlands. "Iceland’s nature, including the Northern Lights
and the hot springs, has always been the biggest attraction but Icelandic locals will also
offer a warm welcome. In fact, Iceland was voted the friendliest nation on earth in a recent
poll by World Economic Forum" adds Andres

The new service will also offer an attractive flight option to North America. Andres explains:
"By using Iceland’s geographical position midway between Europe and North America we
can offer some of the fastest elapse times from Birmingham to popular destinations such
as Washington DC and Seattle

William Pearson, Birmingham Airport’s Aviation Development Director, added, "The decision
by Icelandair to commence services from Birmingham is fantastic news for Midlands’ business
and leisure travellers wanting to reach Reykjavik, and indeed onwards to the USA and Canada
using Icelandair’s strong network of connecting flights"
The Birmingham service operates an Icelandair Boeing 757, seating 183 passengers, offering
three cabin service, leather seats and personal in-flight entertainment systems. Tickets go on
sale today, Wednesday 28 May 2014 with one way fares to Iceland from £119.23
Icelandair schedule from Birmingham Airport effective from Thursday 5 February 2015

1025/1225 FI494/495 75W from/to Reykjavik Keflavik
- operates on Monday and Thursday 
Onward connections are available from Reykjavik to Anchorage, Boston, Denver, Edmonton, Halifax,
Minneapolis, Newark, New York JFK, Orlando, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver and Washington DC
Wednesday 28 May 2014

Oxfam operate a relief flight to Juba in South Sudan from Birmingham Airport using Antonov 12 UR-CGW

Oxfam operated a relief flight to Juba in South Sudan from Birmingham Airport on Sunday 18 May 2014....

Ukraine Air Alliance Antonov 12BP UR-CGW positioned in from Riga to operate the flight....

.... which was carrying a large amount of Oxfam relief supplies for South Sudan

.... including a framed tent - yes everything in these photos was to go inside the Antonov 12!

Loading of the Antonov 12 soon started....

.... with all the crates having to be carefully positioned and tied down - it was a long
slow process as it was important to get the aircraft's "weight and balance" correct....

.... but finally everything was on board with every inch of space used!!

Ukraine Air Alliance Antonov 12BP UR-CGW then started up for Heraklion its first stop
en-route to Aswan, Egypt and then onto Juba in South Sudan....

.... it was almost certainly the heaviest loaded Antonov 12 to ever depart Birmingham

.... so made full use of the runway followed by a long slow climb out

The flight was organised by Air Charter Services on behalf of Oxfam
and was handled at Birmingham Airport by Blue City Aviation

Donations to the Oxfam South Sudan emergency response appeal can be made here -
Sunday 18 May 2014


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