Tuesday 18 May 2010 - other visitors

Astraeus Boeing 757-23A G-OJIB positioned in from
Bournemouth to operate a charter to Cairo, Egypt....
.... while in an "all white" scheme faint Saudi Arabian titles were still
visible the aircraft having been operated on their behalf for the Hajj
Kenn Borek Air Twin Otter C-GPOQ was an afternoon arrival
from Dubrovnik on its way home to Canada from the Maldives
- it parked up on the Elmdon apron to night stop
Bahrain Amiri Flight Gulfstream 450 A9C-BHR was an evening
visitor to the Elmdon apron before positioning down to Heathrow
Learjet 60 M-IGHT also made a visit to the packed Elmdon apron


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