Tuesday 29 June 2010 - Fleet Air Saab 340 HA-TAD is an evening arrival

Fleet Air International Saab 340A HA-TAB was an evening arrival
operating a priority freight charter - it still retains the basic scheme
of former Spanish operator LagunAir
Bin Air Metro III D-CKPP also arrived on a priority freight charter
PIA Boeing 777-340ER AP-BID operated their flight to Islamabad
Eastern Airways Saab 2000 G-CDKB operated the
return charter flight from Trollh├Ąttan in Sweden
Kenn Borek Air Twin Otter C-FUGT which has arrived from
Keflavik on Monday evening departed to Zagerb and onto
Istanbul on delivery to a new Turkish operator based near Izmir
RAF C 17 ZZ172 was an afternoon arrival operating a Medevac flight
Falcon 7X LX-ZXP was a morning visitor to the Elmdon apron


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