Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-900's TC-JYA and TC-JYB to be delivered via Birmingham

First flight delayed 48 hours!! - now due
BHX at 1100 Saturday 10 December 2011

The flight can be tracked here
Turkish Airlines
will shortly be taking delivery of their
first two Boeing 737-900's TC-JYA and TC-JYB
These aircraft have spent the last few months in
Georgetown, Deleware, having BBJ style long range
fuel tanks fitted and while they could fly non stop
from the Eastern USA to Istanbul they are coming
via Birmingham for a crew change
That as they say is the good news as the timings
are rather anti social with the first aircraft due into
BHX at 0430 tomorrow/Thursday morning with the
second aircraft following on Saturday morning - a
summary of the BHX timings is set out below
As with all delivery flights these dates/timing could
change and as these are only crew change/fuel stops
at BHX the onward departure time will depend on
the actual arrival time
Day of operation/timings subject to change
as these are delivery flights!
1100/1200 TK6900 73J from Charleston/to Istanbul
- delivery flight
2330/0030 TK6901 73J from Charleston/to Istanbul - TBC!!
- delivery flight
Wednesday 7 December 2011


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