Turkmenistan Boeing 717 EZ-A106 planned to transit BHX on Monday 2 April 2012‏

The flight is now running late - BHX ETA is 2100
with departure to Kiev now expected at 2200 Monday
A Turkmenistan Boeing 717 is expected to transit Birmingham
tomorrow/Monday 2 April 2012 on its way back to Ashgabat....
.... it has flown Marana - Dayton this afternoon/Sunday and the
aircraft is now enroute to Goose Bay where it will presumably
nightstop as it did on the way out - it should then continue to
BHX via Keflavik tomorrow/Monday - please see below for the
BHX stopover timings
The handling request indicates it should be EZ-A106 - as to what has
happened to EZ-A107 and why it is going back to Turkmenistan!?
2100/2200 TUA3210 717 from Keflavik/to Kiev
- ferry flight - aircraft departs in early hours of
Tuesday morning after an extended stopover
Day of operation/timings subject to change
as these are ferry flights
Sunday 1 April 2012


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