Thursday 14 March 2013 - TUI Belgium/Jetairfly Boeing 767 OO-TUC diverts while enroute to Brussels

TUI Airlines Belgium/Jetairfly Boeing 767-341ER OO-TUC was an afternoon visitor when
it diverted in while operating a late running Kingston, Jamaica, to Brussels flight....

.... after a crew change it continued its journey - the aircraft wear an anonymous colour
scheme since Thomas Cook - a competitor to TUI - also started to use the aircraft

SAS MD 82 LN-ROT operated their morning service to Copenhagen lining up to depart
via Taxiway Charlie due to the closure of Taxiway Echo due to work in progress

flybe Dash 8-402Q G-ECOE spent sometime during the morning on the new "Compass Base"
that has recently been constructed next to Taxiway Lima

Pan Europeenne Air Service Phenom 300 F-HIPE was a late afternoon visitor to the Elmdon apron while....

Super King Air D-ITFC which had arrived on Wednesday evening spent the day parked up Photos: Mike Hollick


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