Air Berlin A321 and Hamburg A320 planned to visit Birmingham on Monday/Tuesday 20/21 May 2013

Photo: Air Berlin
Air Berlin (AB) are planning to operate an Airbus A321 charter flight to Dusseldorf
from Birmingham on Monday 20 May 2013....
.... the return flight from Dusseldorf on Tuesday 21 May 2013 is planned to be operated
by a Hamburg Airways (HK) Airbus A320 - please see below for the timings

MONDAY 20 MAY 2013 
1035/1120 AB112F/1013 321 from/to Dusseldorf
- one off charter - Air Berlin


1915/2005 HK8424/843F 320 from/to Dusseldorf
- return of one off charter - Hamburg Airways

Schedule/timings subject to change!!

Friday 17 May 2013


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