September 2013 passengers at Birmingham‏ Airport

Birmingham Airport handled 947,445 passengers during September 2013 
- an increase of 3.0% on the previous year
Another excellent month driven by an increase in long haul passengers following
the launch of the new Air India service to Amritsar and Delhi in August followed
by the new Air Blue service to Islamabad which started at the end of September

The result was an 14.8% in traffic to Asia and an overall 13.5% increase in long haul
passengers while Emirates, who have many onward connecting services from Dubai
to India and East Asia achieved an increase of 9.7% despite the added
competition in this market
Turkish Airlines saw a further 24.0% increase on their service to Istanbul with many
other business and leisure routes recording good figures
Speaking from the "World Routes" conference in Las Vegas last week, the Airport’s
Chief Executive, Paul Kehoe, said: "As we near the completion of our runway extension
scheme in early 2014, which will give aircraft unlimited take-off range, we’re seeing more
people realise the benefits of travelling from Birmingham, particularly on long haul services"

Paul added: "Our catchment supports half a million businesses, has the UK’s largest share
of the manufacturing activity and is at the centre of the automotive industry so these
businesses are crying out for more direct flights from their region to high value markets,
particularly in the USA and China"

"These latest figures demonstrate the desire to fly from Birmingham rather than alternative
congested airports, and benefit from our award winning facilities and easy access to and
from the UK’s best connected airport"

During September significant growth was achieved 
on scheduled flights to destinations such as - 
Barcelona 120.5%, Waterford 107.8%, Perpignan 100.0%, 
Stuttgart 34.5%, Aberdeen 30.3%, Istanbul 24.0%,
Guernsey 19.4%, Malta 13.7% and Dubai 9.7% 

Charter traffic which experience growth included -
Malta 73.4%, Tunisia 29.3% and Egypt 19.7%

Scheduled traffic accounted for 77.1% of the total passenger traffic
in September whilst charter passengers made up the remaining 22.9%

Monday 14 October 2013


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