Monday 29 February 2016 - Ukraine International and Norwegian flights divert in from Gatwick

Ukraine International Boeing 737-84R UR-PSF was a morning arrival from Kiev when it diverted in from
Gatwick after the runway there was temporally closed due to an oil spillage - it was soon joined by....

Norwegian Boeing 787-8 LN-LNA another Gatwick diversion arriving from Los Angeles Photo: Mike Hollick

Norwegian Boeing 787-8 LN-LND had arrived earlier from Oslo for attention by Monarch while.... Photo: Mike Hollick

Norwegian Boeing 737-8JP EI-FHJ was another Gatwick diversion arriving from Copenhagen meanwhile....

Norwegian Boeing 737-8JP LN-NGN had operated their BHX scheduled service to Malaga
- all four Norwegian aircraft where on their first visits to BHX

Norwegian Boeing 787-8 LN-LNA later positioned out to Gatwick while....

Norwegian Boeing 787-8 LN-LND was towed to the Monarch hangar

Ukraine International Boeing 737-84R UR-PSF later positioned back to Gatwick....

.... departing off Runway 15 - this was the first visit of a Ukraine International aircraft to BHX Photo: Mike Hollick

Vueling "Sharklet" Airbus A320-232 EC-MEL operated their service from Barcelona - its first visit to BHX

Turkish Airlines Boeing 737 TC-JVJ operated their afternoon service from Istanbul - also on its first visit to BHX

Bright Flight Antonov 26B LZ-FLL was a lunchtime arrival from Katowice joining....

.... Grodno Aviakompania Antonov 26B EW-364TG which had arrived the previous Friday Photo: Mike Hollick

Maleth-Aero Boeing 737-329 9H-MTF which had arrived on Saturday remained parked up Photo: Mike Hollick

Challenger 605 HB-JGT was a day stopping visitor to the Elmdon apron

SaxonAir Beechjet 400XP G-SKBD made a brief afternoon visit
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