Wednesday 10 February 2016 - TAG Espana Gulfstream G150 EC-KPJ is a day stopping visitor

TAG Aviation España Gulfstream G150 EC-KPJ was a day stopping visitor.... Photo: Mike Hollick

.... spending the day on the Elmdon apron before departing back to Madrid

Adams Aviation Hawker 850XP N73SL remained parked up on the Elmdon apron while....

.... Citation CJ2 D-ISCH was also a day stopping visitor Photos: Mike Hollick

Marshall of Cambridge Citation Bravo G-FIRM was a late afternoon departure to Doncaster

Piper Saratoga II G-CCST was a morning arrival parking up to night stop Photo: Mike Hollick

Bright Flight Antonov 26B LZ-FLL was a late afternoon arrival "flying" down nearly half the runway!

Businesswings Cessna 208 Caravan D-FAST and....

.... JOTA Aviation King Air G-JOTA both visited during the afternoon operating freight charters

Turkish Airlines Boeing 737-9F2ER TC-JYP operated their morning service to Istanbul

Army Air Corps Dauphin 2 ZJ780 made two approaches and go arounds to Runway 33
during the afternoon Photo: Mike Hollick
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