Wednesday 8 February 2017 - Prada Gulfstream 450 I-XPRA is a morning arrival from Milan Linate

Gulfstream 450 I-XPRA was a morning arrival from Milan Linate - it is operated on behalf of....

.... Prada, the Italian luxury fashion house, and after unloading positioned out to Farnborough

Speedwings Executive Citation CJ2 OE-FXE was a morning arrival from Geneva

Zenith Aviation Learjet 45 G-SOVB made a brief morning visit returning in the evening

RVL Cessna 406 Caravan G-RLVX was a lunchtime visitor operating an air ambulance flight

Flight Calibration Services Diamond DA-62 G-GBAS spent the day parked on the Elmdon apron - the
first visit of this type of aircraft. It spent Tuesday night/the early hours of Wednesday morning....

.... checking the ILS - Instrument Landing System - and later departed to Coventry Photos: Brett Allen

Air Charter X Boeing 737-5Q8 9H-YES operated a return charter from Kuusamo, Finland

Eastern Jetstream 41 G-MAJW was a morning visitor to the Elmdon apron....

.... arriving from Stansted before continuing onto Exeter

easyJet Airbus A320-214 G-EZPV operated their lunchtime flight from Geneva - its first visit to BHX

Small Planet Airbus A320-214 LY-ONJ - which is in the basic colour scheme of its
previous operator Afriqiyah Airways - operated their weekly flight from Paderborn
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