RAF "Quick Reaction Alert" Typhoons escort Fleet Air Saab 340AF HA-TAB into Birmingham Airport

Two Royal Air Force "Quick Reaction Alert" Eurofighter Typhoons, supported by an Airbus Voyager
refuelling aircraft, escorted Fleet Air International Saab 340AF HA-TAB into Birmingham Airport
on Tuesday morning after the Saab 340 had lost communications with Air Traffic Control while
operating an early morning cargo charter flight from Bucharest to Birmingham....

.... while one RAF Eurofighter Typhoon escorted the Saab 340 onto the final approach for
landing at the airport the second RAF Eurofighter Typhoon was refuelled as it overflew the
airport which had been closed to all other air traffic while the alert was in progress

.... after landing at Birmingham Airport just before 0730 the Saab 340, which is operated by
Hungarian charter airline Fleet Air International, was escorted to the Elmdon apron where
a large contingent of West Midlands Police officers were already in attendance

The RAF Eurofighter Typhoons are based at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire while the Airbus
Voyager is based at RAF Brize Norton and form part of the "Quick Reaction Alert" force
that is tasked with securing the United Kingdom's air space

While the airport was closed the morning Ryanair flight from Dublin was forced to divert to
East Midlands Airport while other aircraft were held either on the ground or in the air until
the Saab 340 landed at Birmingham at which point things quickly got back to normal

Tuesday 7 March 2017
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