"UK Airports Safety Week" at Birmingham Airport - the view from the top of a Swissport A380 de-icer!!

Birmingham Airport is running a number of safety events this week as part of the "UK Airports Safety Week"
which is organised by the AOA - the Airport Operators Association. At the event held on South Pier Stand 13
on Monday 8 May 2017 members of Airport staff were able to experience a trip in Swissport's latest state of
the art de-icing rig that can reach to the top of the tail of an Emirates Airbus A380....

.... and at the same time enjoy a unique view of Birmingham Airport including the terminal building

.... the North Pier being fully utilised during a busy lunchtime

.... the South Pier and the view to the Runway Extension

.... and the view back to the terminal with the BHX yellow "Safety bus" below!

So how to you do that!? - first strap up well!!

.... give everyone a good wave

.... and off you go!

.... all the way to the top of an Airbus A380 tail - great fun on a summers day but imagine
being up there at night on a cold winters day!

The BHX yellow "Safety bus" and the Swissport de-icing rig will be back at North Pier Stand 42R
on Thursday 11 May 2017 from 1000 to 1300 - be there!
Monday 8 May 2017


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