Norwegian's first father and son flight crew take to the skies flying from Tenerife to Birmingham Airport

Norwegian, the low cost airline, has marked a momentous milestone completing its first flight
in the airline's 15-year history flown by a father and son - 54-year old Captain David Kempton
and his 19-year old co-pilot and son, Alex Kempton, marking Father's Day

The pair from Kenilworth, Warwickshire, flew 180 passengers on a brand-new multi-million pound
Boeing 737-800 aircraft, on a 4.5-hour flight from Tenerife South Airport to Birmingham Airport

Alex Kempton became the youngest pilot at Europe's third largest low-cost airline at the age of 19
last September, just two years after starting flight school. Alex was offered his first professional pilot
job from Norwegian at 18, just a week before his 19th birthday, and only two years after watching
aircraft at Coventry Airport with his dad as a young aviation enthusiast

Norwegian Boeing 737-8JP EI-GBF touches down at Birmingham Airport after its flight from Tenerife
Norwegian arranged for David and Alex to fly together from Tenerife to Birmingham Airport as part
of Alex's flight training as David is a training captain, giving him the chance to train his son at his first
airline job. David Kempton, 54, has 30 years' flying experience logging more than 14,000 hours which
has seen him work for several airlines and fly private jets for the likes of Sir Paul McCartney and 90s
pop groups. He joined Norwegian in 2013 and is the most senior pilot at Norwegian's Tenerife base

David Kempton, Base Chief Captain, Tenerife at Norwegian said: "It's truly an honour to take to the
skies and share the cockpit with my son as Norwegian pilots. I've always been fascinated with flying
and I've encouraged Alex to share my aviation passion at every opportunity so this is an extremely
proud moment. I'm very grateful to Norwegian for not only giving my son the opportunity to take-off
his flying career but also arranging for us to fly together on this special flight"

Alex Kempton, First Officer at Norwegian said: "I never would have thought my first pilot job would
involve getting trained by my dad as this has never been done before at Norwegian. From following
my dad to work at an early age to flying a brand-new Norwegian aircraft together is a little daunting
but very exciting. It's even more special that I flew alongside my dad into Birmingham Airport where
he spent his whole career before joining Norwegian"

David and Alex grew up in Warwickshire and share many hobbies beyond the cockpit which includes
playing rugby, golf and the piano. The pair also like to go from flying to fly-fishing when time allows
from their busy schedules. The Kempton's are truly a 'high-flying' family as David's dad had a passion
for flying and his daughter, Alex's older sister, is currently a cabin crew member with another airline
and is married to a pilot
Wednesday 14 June 2017


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