Tuesday 11 August 2009 - Hellenic Imperial Boeing 747 SX-BIE makes second visit to BHX

Hellenic Imperial Airways Boeing 747-230BM SX-TIE operated its
second flight to BHX arriving 22 hours late from Jeddah - where
the aircraft had gone "tech" - and Athens and making another low
approach this time to Runway 15....
.... and a firm landing exactly on the piano keys!!
. After offloading the passengers SX-TIE posiioned back to Athens
- this time departing off Runway 33

Cobham Flight Inspection Super King Air B200 G-FPLB was
an afternoon visitor making a number of low level runs down
Runway 15 checking the ILS

PIA Boeing 777-200ER AP-BGJ operated their service from Islamabad


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