Wednesday 28 July 2010 - Cello take Aston Villa to Portugal for Guadiana Cup

Cello Avro Business Jet G-RAJJ was an afternoon departure to Faro
taking Aston Villa to Portugal for this weekend's Guadiana Cup....
.... the team had earlier arrived at the Elmdon terminal....
.... to much media interest - would Milner be on the flight!?
For a video report of Aston Villa enjoying the "Cello experience"
see -,,10265~2104395,00.html
Global Jet Austria Boeing 737-8DR BBJ2 OE-ILX which had been
a morning departure returned again in the afternoon....
.... parking up again on Taxiway Lima
Air Harrods Sikorsky S 76C G-WIWI was an evening
arrival parking up to night stop on the elmdon apron


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