Wednesday 28 July 2010 - Cello take Aston Villa to Portugal for Guadiana Cup

Cello Avro Business Jet G-RAJJ was an afternoon departure to Faro
taking Aston Villa to Portugal for this weekend's Guadiana Cup....
.... the team had earlier arrived at the Elmdon terminal....
. .... to much media interest - would Milner be on the flight!?
.For a video report of Aston Villa enjoying the "Cello experience"
see -,,10265~2104395,00.html
Global Jet Austria Boeing 737-8DR BBJ2 OE-ILX which had been
a morning departure returned again in the afternoon....
.... parking up again on Taxiway Lima
Air Harrods Sikorsky S 76C G-WIWI was an evening
arrival parking up to night stop on the elmdon apron


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