Historic BHX - first visit of an Antonov 12 to Birmingham on Sunday 3 July 1966

After a month that has seen seven different Antonov 12's
visit BHX a look back at the first visit of the type....
.... Cubana de Aviación Antonov 12BP CU-T827 visited Birmingham
on Sunday 3 July 1966 arriving from Havana via Shannon....
.... to collect a Rolls Royce aero engine - it parked on the Elmdon
apron in front of what was then the passenger terminal
.... and later departed off Runway 15 to Prague where a Cubana
Bristol Britannia had gone "tech" - this aircraft was written off when
it crashed on approach to Mexico City on Thursday 9 February 1967
Photos: Will Blunt BHX vintage photo archive - photos copyright!!


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