Wednesday 1 December 2010 - AeroVis Antonov 12 UR-CBF operates charter from Luxembourg

AeroVis Airlines Antonov An 12A UR-CBF was an evening arrival
from Luxembourg on a busy day for priority freight charters....
.... as Midland manufacturers struggled to maintain production
schedules as the adverse winter weather across Europe disrupted
their supply chain.. Photos: Mike Hollick.
Advance Air Citation II D-CJJJ operated a priority freight charter....
Photo: Mike Hollick. .... being followed in by CityLine Hungary Antonov An 26B HA-TCM
.... while Danu Oro Transportas ATR 42-300 LY-RUM arrived from
Zweibrucken in the gathering gloom of a December evening
British Airways Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIO was a Gatwick diversion
arriving as the "BA 2152" from Barbados....
.... joining First Choice Boeing 767-324ER G-OOBM and British
Airways Boeing 777-236ER G-VIIB which had diverted earlier
following a heavy snow fall in the South East


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