Air Transat are returning to Birmingham!!

Air Transat will be returning to Birmingham
on Tuesday 12 April 2011 when they commence
a weekly flight to Toronto for the summer season
For the first three weeks this flight will be operated
by an Airbus A310 and then from from 3 May 2011
it will be replaced by an Airbus A330-200 which will
then operate the flight until the end of October 2011
- please see below for the timings
Air Transat summer 2011 schedule at Birmingham
TUESDAY from 12 April 2011
0735/0920 TS164/165 313/332 from/to Toronto
- Airbus A310-300 until 26 April 2011 then
operated Airbus A330-200 for rest of summer
Thursday 7 April 2011


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