Birmingham Airport welcomes "Lucy" - a ray of light - to Central Security Search team!!

Paul Kehoe, BHX's CEO, welcomes "Lucy" to the airport
Birmingham Airport has welcomed an unusual team member
today - Lucy, the "virtual assistant"
Lucy is a hologram and is programmed to give passengers
security information before they enter the passenger search
area to help simplify the process
Located at the head of the passenger security entrance, Lucy
is just one element of a £13m investment programme by the
airport to improve the passenger experience and improve
operational efficiency within the terminal
Paul Kehoe, CEO of Birmingham Airport, said, “The ban on
liquids back in 2006 remains confusing for some passengers
and although we’ve launched a number of initiatives to make
the process clearer and less daunting, it has remained
a problem for the security operation"
"By providing a clear message, we can speed up the search
process and make the journey more enjoyable for our
passengers, and judging by passenger reactions so far,
I think she’s going to be a real hit!”
This initiative is part of the "One Terminal" project, which
has seen the two terminals merge into one and the creation
of a newly extended central search area
In the coming weeks the Airport will also launch free
Wi-Fi throughout the terminal and a free travel
information app for mobile phones
Thursday 7 April 2011


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