Mahan Air Airbus A310 F-OJHH grounded by leasing company at Birmingham Airport

Mahan Air Airbus A310 F-OJHH parked on Stand 81 after it had been seized
Passengers at Birmingham Airport have been caught up in
a dispute between Mahan Air and GECAS Aircraft Leasing
and Financing Solutions
Mahan Air Airbus A310-304 F-OJHH was seized by the
leasing company when it arrived from Tehran on flight
W5 5020 shortly before 1200 on Thursday 30 June 2011
The aircraft was parked up on a remote parking stand
and the outbound flight to Tehran scheduled due to
depart at 1430 was cancelled
Mahan Air Airbus A310 F-OJHH had earlier arrived from Tehran
Photo: Ron Kosys
Thursday 30 June 2011


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