Birmingham Airport gets shaken up this summer‏ with "Ed's Shakes" milkshakes!!

Paul Kehoe, CEO of Birmingham Airport (right) enjoys
a milkshake with a member of the Ed's Shakes team
Birmingham Airport will be keeping passengers cool this summer
as a new milkshake stand opens in its departure lounge
Ed's Shakes, with its 1950's American theme, has opened its
doors to passengers at the airport who can now sample their
legendary milkshakes before they fly
Martyn Lloyd, Commercial Director at Birmingham Airport,
said: "We're pleased to welcome Ed's Shakes to Birmingham
Airport, which I'm sure will prove to be tremendously popular
with our passengers, especially over the summer months"
Andrew Guy, Director at Ed's Easy Diner, said: "Our Shake
Stands are a relatively new concept for us, featuring the
milkshakes that have become so famous at our full
American Diners. We're delighted that our first
airport location is at Birmingham"
For more information about Ed's Shakes and
their exciting drinks menu, please visit
Wednesday 1 August 2012


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