Monday 6 May 2013 - ULS Airlines Cargo Airbus A310-308F TC-SGM operates a charter from Istanbul

ULS Airlines Cargo Airbus A310-308F TC-SGM was an early morning visitor arriving....

.... from Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport and landing on Runway 33 just after dawn

.... and parking on the Elmdon apron - the aircraft has recently returned from lease
to Saudi Arabian Airlines in whose basis colour scheme it still operates

Ground handling equipment was soon on the aircraft....

.... and the unloading of the 13 pallets of motor racing equipment began

.... with the freight being rapidly transferred to the freight centre

That did not take long! - the inside of an empty Airbus A310F

The sun was now up allowing a better view of the aircraft on the Elmdon apron....

.... with the empty pallets reloaded back on the aircraft it was time for it to start up

.... and taxi for a departure off Runway 33

.... back to Istanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport - a job well done by all involved!

Atlantic Airlines Boeing 737-322SF G-JMCL which had had arrived on Sunday evening
spent the day parked up - it is used to transport race horses and was visiting BHX
because of the reduced opening hours at its Coventry base over the holiday weekend

Jettime Boeing 737-3Y0QC OY-JTH operated the morning SAS service to Copenhagen
in place of the usual Canadair CRJ900 - its first visit to BHX....

.... it later return again operating the evening SAS service

Piper Malibu F-HGIE which had arrived on Sunday evening spent the day parked
on the Elmdon apron before departing to Caen Photo: Mike Hollick


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