Runway Watch - Thursday 9 January 2014

Work is currently in progress to complete the final section of Birmingham Airport's Runway Extension....

.... work started from the south end of the site while the old A45 and Airport Perimeter Road were still in use

.... now both roads are closed - and the new routes in use - the remaining "gap" between
the start of the Runway Extension and the existing Runway is being filled in

A view down the existing Runway with Emirates Boeing 777-31HER A6-ENH about to touch down

Work on laying the base of the new Taxiway Sierra - that will run parallel to the Runway Extension -
in progress as First Choice Boeing 767-324ER G-OOBK approaches the Runway on Taxiway Echo

A new drainage system for the run off from the Runway Extension and new Taxiway Sierra
being installed adjacent to the existing "Echo 1" holding point

On the east side of the Runway Extension site work is in progress to prepared the area
for the installation of the new Runway 33 ILS - Instrument Landing System

Thursday 9 January 2014


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