Runway Watch - Friday 14 February 2014

An aerial view of Birmingham Airport including the A45 diversion project, the site of the runway
extension, the new ATC Tower and the new Monarch Aircraft Engineering hangar taken on
Friday 14 February 2014 after the move of the Runway 33 Threshold to a point some 300 metres
to the south adjacent to holding point Echo 1 with the new approach/glide path to Runway 33
coming into operation at 0600 on Thursday 6 February 2014

Work on the (basic) runway extension has now been completed - the final surface will go on as
part of the on-going runway resurfacing project - with work continuing on new parallel Taxiway
Sierra - and on landscaping the adjacent area with the top soil the last layer to go on
- to see this image "full size" just click on it

Friday 14 February 2014


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