Wednesday 9 September 2009 - the day Emirates Airbus A380 A6-EDE came to Birmingham Airport

Emirates Airbus A380-861 A6-EDE operated their midday service from Dubai....

.... for the official opening of the new International Pier

.... and to mark the Airport's 70th anniversary

Flight "EK 039" from Dubai arrived just after 1210....

.... landing on Runway 33 right in front of the new International Pier

.... with just a touch of smoke on touchdown!

The aircraft then taxied back up Taxiway Alpha to be greeted by the waiting media....

.... up Taxiway Delta

.... onto Taxiway Victor

.... and onto Stand 54C on the new International Pier

"That fits nicely Sir!" - the nose-wheel on the "380" line

Paul Kehoe, CEO of Birmingham Airport (left), welcomes Tim Clarke, President of Emirates Airline
and the A380 crew to Birmingham - Emirates have served BHX since 18 December 2000

Time to Depart - the final passengers board "EK 040" to Dubai

"Emirates 40 you are clear to push and start"

After pushing back off Stand 54C....

.... and starting up on Taxiway Victor

.... A6-EDE taxied back done Taxiway Alpha past the Fire Station

.... to line up and wait on Runway 15 - surrounded by 1000's of spectators in Sheldon Country Park

"Emirates 40 you are clear to take off" - A6-EDE rolls down 15....

.... and rotates as it passes Taxiway Golf

.... and climbs past the new International Pier

.... next stop Dubai!

A big thank you to Emirates for choosing Birmingham to be the first UK airport
after Heathrow to receive a scheduled Airbus A380 service

While on the ground at BHX invited guests toured the "double deck"
Airbus A380 - the lower deck is all Economy seating....

.... with the Business Class cabin at the rear of the Upper Deck

The First Class "suites" are at the front of the Upper Deck....

.... which also has a Bar and Lounge for First and Business Class Passengers

Time to depart! - thanks again Emirates!!

Thanks also to Will Heynes, BHX's Operations Director (right), for delivering the new International Pier
"on time" and to Mark Hattersley, BHX's Finance Director, for signing all those big cheques....

.... as you will see Will had to do some of the work himself to keep things in budget!

Finally thanks to the Ops team for getting us in the perfect position!

Wednesday 9 September 2009


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