Airliner Experience operating an enthusiast flight from Birmingham to Dublin on Cello BAe 146-200 G-RAJJ

Airliner Experience are planning to operate an enthusiasts flight from Birmingham Airport to Dublin 
on the Cello Aviation Avro BJ/BAe 146-200 departing on Monday 13 October 2014

This is a once in a life time opportunity to experience a flight on board a VIP configured commercial
aircraft - after being introduced to the crew and staff of this unique modern classic aircraft, a 1988
BAe-146-200 registered G-RAJJ which is in a 46 Business Class 2–2 seating as opposed to the original
88 seat 3-3 arrangement the group will first have an exterior and interior inspection and walk-around
of the aircraft with the pilots and enjoy Q&A’s along with photography opportunities

The flight departure time will be 1030 from Birmingham during which we will experience the aircrafts
performance capabilities while enjoying a unique travel experience usually only available to the well-healed

Upon arrival into Dublin Airport it is proposed that the aircraft taxis to the VIP section where the group
tour will end - for those returning to the UK or other European destinations you can of course spend time
at the airport or in Dublin city before returning home

Outline itinerary for Monday 13 October 2014 -

0900 Check-In at Birmingham Airport – proceed to the VIP section where Cello Aviation are based
0930 On the ramp, meeting with Cello Aviation pilots and crew with Q&A’s and view aircraft
1030 Depart Birmingham for the flight to Dublin - enjoy VIP flight
1130 Arrive Dublin Airport 

Note this is a one way flight so you need to make your own way back from Dublin

The price of the flight is between 110 and 185 Euros depending on demand for more information contact
Airliner Experience in Dublin by email at - - or visit them on Facebook at - 

Wednesday 24 September 2014


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